How the Looks Like spy play is different

How the “Looks Like” spy play is “different”
Chen Shan posing as Xiao Zhengguo.A photo of Xiao Zhengguo, a military agent who was confirmed dead.Zhong Hanliang played two brothers in “One Touch”.Chen Kun played two brothers in Qiao Zhicai, Qiao Zhicai (left) and Qiao Lijie (right).  [National Opera Observation]”Horror in the Deep Sea of Spy Wars” (“Shock Instinct”), starring Sun Hao, Zhang Ruoyun, Wang Ou and others, is being broadcast.The play was adapted from Hai Fei’s novel “Jing Zhe”. It was about the period of the fall of Shanghai in 1941. Chen Shan (Zhang Ruoyun) looked like a military agent, Xiao Zhengguo, and was accidentally watched by Japanese spy Araki (Wang Taki Masao).Enter a bloody spy battle.The main criticism of “Jing Zhe” is that it looks too similar to other spy war dramas and falls into the stereotype.As a unique and mature genre of TV dramas, how to innovate spy war dramas is indeed a worthy alternative.  The spy warfare script Decades of change scholar Wei Jiangnan made the following definition in the “Chinese TV Drama Genre Research”: “The so-called spy warfare drama is to use spy or secret service activities as the main plot or core event to express our party and me.In order to build and consolidate state power, the military and patriots fight against the destruction and subversive activities of foreign hostile forces, and develop narrative TV dramas centered on the struggle between the enemy and us.”The lowest countries in the world do not appear, so-called spy warfare dramas with stable aesthetic characteristics; but in China, due to the special historical context, spy warfare dramas are very stable and mature types of TV dramas.  In 2009, “Living” made spy warfare drama one of the most popular genre dramas with its huge influence. It was once “grabbing agents on the screen”, and later “Before Dawn” (2010), “Cliff” (2012)Called classic.However, after the blowout period, there were too many follow-up and crude works, and the audience gradually became tired, and the spy war drama showed a weak momentum.  The broadcast of works such as “Beijing No War” in 2014 and “Pretender” in 2015 opened a new trend of genre fusion, and the spy war drama returned to the public’s vision and caused widespread discussion.In 2016, there was a trend of idol dramatization in spy war dramas. “Decryption”, “Sparrow”, “Rouge”, “Codename”, and “Twin Spurs” will sing to you, but the idol’s immature acting skills cannot support the history of spy war drama.Thickness, most of these episodes have responded dull.  In 2017-2018, the spy theater opened the “go to idol style” and returned to the solemn line. There are “Kite” of “the godfather of spy warfare” Liu Yunlong, “Patriot” by Zhang Luyi, “Getaway” by Chen Kun,”Mask” etc.Although the craze of “Living” is gone, both “Kite” and “Mask” have a good reputation.  ”Stunning” is one of the few spy warfare dramas in 2019 to date.It has a solid original base-Haifei’s novel “Jing Zhe” has won too many praises before, and it has boldly used Zhang Ruoyun, Wang Ou and other young actors with good strength, hoping to become more with the replacement of aesthetic quality.Young audience.  The “look like” in “Jing Zhe” is reflected in the audience’s doubts about “look like” in “Jing Zhe”, which has two meanings.The first dimension refers to the relationship between the “twin” characters common in spy war dramas.  That is to say, the protagonist in the play is divided into two horns, either twin brothers, or they look exactly the same.If the two belong to different political camps, after the death of the person belonging to the enemy camp, our person replaces his identity because of his “look like”, breaks into the enemy camp, obtains important information, and destroys the enemy conspiracy;It was our soldiers, and after the heroic sacrifice of one side, the “look-alike” brother continued his unfinished business.  For example, a TV series of the same name, adapted from Zhang Yong’s “Spy War Trilogy” “One Touch”, Zhong Hanliang played the twin brothers A Chu and A Ci.A Ci is a red agent lurking in the heart of the Kuomintang. A Chu is a famous doctor. After A Ci sacrificed his life for the country, A Chu continued to lurk in the name of A Ci and persisted in the struggle.  Last year’s “Escape” starring Chen Kun was similarly set.The play is set on the eve of the liberation of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party in 1949.Qiao Zhicai and Qiao Lijie are a pair of twin brothers, Qiao Zhicai is a small citizen, and his brother Qiao Lijie is obsessed with scientific research.After being informed of the “Return to Provincial Plan”, the Kuomintang Secrecy Bureau spared no effort to carry out a series of control activities on Qiao Lijie’s personal monitoring and the theft of knowledge and achievements.At a critical juncture, the resourceful Qiao Zhicai replaced Qiao Lijie as a “physicist”, and the real physicist Qiao Lijie successfully escaped.  In “Jing Zhe”, Zhang Ruoyun played the role of special agent Xiao Zhengguo and Xiaoshan Chen Shan.Chen Shanyi’s appearance is a fragile little bastard, because he looks like a dead military agent, Xiao Zhengguo, and is caught by the head of the Japanese agency agent, forcing Chen Shan to spy on the same day.Chen Shan always remembered that he was Chinese and did not really succumb.Under the influence of Zhang Li (Wang Ou), an underground member of the Communist Party of China, he became a double-faced spy and a loyal fighter of our party.  The character set of “Look Like” also directly leads to the “stale” structure of the play, which is the second segment.For example, the two people who look “like” have diametrically opposite personalities, often moving one at a time; the little bastard must have a rapid growth process; when the protagonist grows up, he often gets involved in a “person I love and person who loves me”In the love triangle . “Jing Zhe” does not go beyond these frameworks and settings.  Rigorous and down-to-earth play is “different” but adopting patterns and routines means that a play is unsuccessful?  Not exactly.Routines have never been original sins.The spy war script is a unique niche type in the inevitable TV series.There are countless works in this genre, which determines that it is too difficult to recreate a model that has not been used by previous people.  The reason for adopting the character structure of “twin” is because “identity” is the core element of the spy play.The protagonists in the spy play must have dual identities, such as Yu Zecheng in “Lunger”, Liu Xinjie in “Before Dawn” and so on. They seem to belong to the Kuomintang camp, but their true identities are all members of the CCP underground;The Ming Building in the “People” has a triple identity. The apparent identity is an important member of the Wang Puppet government, the hidden identity is a military uniform agent, and the true identity is a worker member.The diversity of identities complicates the relationship of characters and makes them intertwined. It also keeps characters in danger, suspenseful, and dramatic tension.  In “Jing Zhe”, Chen Shan also has a triple identity. He is Xiao Zhengguo, a military commander, Chen Shan, a “Japanese spy”, and also Chen Shan, all members.He is faced with the risk of being exposed by military uniformed personnel as a fake Xiao Zhengguo, the risk of being discovered by military uniformed personnel as a “Japanese spy” / participant, and the risk of being discovered as a worker member by the Japanese side.The crisis also made the whole plot even more intense and exciting.Therefore, the problem with “Jing Zhe” is not “look like” or model.So, where is its real disadvantage?  The start of “Jing Zhe” is quite stunning, and the rhythm is very fast. With sharp editing, high pressure is aimed at Chen Shan’s transformation and growth into Xiao Zhengguo.The third and fourth episodes, three months after they disappeared, Chen Shan appeared as the head of the military uniform in Chongqing as Xiao Zhengguo.How he escaped the doubts of those around him and how to help Zhang Li escape from danger are also dangerous.But since the fifth episode, the rhythm of the whole drama has slowed down, the emotional drama is too fast, and lack of relevant foreshadowing, but abrupt.  The first big crisis that Chen Shan encountered was that Xiao Zhengguo ‘s friend Li Bojun accidentally died in his home. He was once suspected of murder and suspected of being a spy.This was the time when the plot of the spy warfare showed its charm, but the processing of “Jing Zhe” was rough and taken for granted.Whether it was the murderer Li Bojun or the framer Zhou Haichao, the action error did not match their military identity, and Chen Shan pointed out that the suspected method turned out to be “roar” . The plot of “Jing Zhe” remains to be seen.If the play is solid, the “looks like” can also have a “different” look; but if you don’t pay attention to the plot logic and the details are not solid enough, it will make the audience feel “conventional” and eventually “different.”  □ Li Yu (play critic)