Back row,Li Xiang sitting on the side,Smoked Ami’s face and said:“Bitch!Make you crazy、Make you crazy!”

There is a boy with dyed red hair next to May,Looking at Amei with interest:“Leopard,This girl is very punctual!What to do?”
“See again later。”A leopard smoking a cigarette,Things that made my determination,Suddenly there was a conflict again。
The blond boy in the passenger seat suddenly said:“correct,Why isn’t gold?”
“He doesn’t like working with women,Don’t call him。”Leopard put his cigarette butt out of the window。
“what……The golden guy is good with everything else,Just pay attention to more!”Yellow haired smoking a cigarette,Turned his head and glanced,Seeing Amei’s mouth is blocked,Li Xiang slapped and couldn’t speak,It looks pitiful,Just ask her:“Do you want to be my girlfriend??When my girlfriend is my girlfriend, I can make peace with Abao。”
“Fucking!Are you here to help??”A Bao asked irritably,The man laughed and said:“Can she answer now?Teased her。”
The car drove out of the city,Stopped in a temporarily suspended building。
More than 30 people gathered here,I haven’t read anymore,See Abao is here,I came over curiously to look at Ami in the car,Someone tore the tape from Amei’s mouth,I heard Amei curl up in fright,Can’t stop crying。
“Why are you crying??You cry if you didn’t do it?It’s not that you have no strength to cry?”A male obsessed looking back and forth,When I just want to do it,Abao reminded:“Don’t move her。There are food and drink in the trunk,thanks everyone,Eat and drink,I’ll call the bastard first。”
A group of men are not interested,Someone greeted:“A lot of food!”
Everyone leaned in,Seeing Abao is very generous,Almost full of parking boxes,So I took them out happily,Sitting on the concrete stairs, chatting, eating and drinking。
Only Abao and Amei in the car。