Her workshop,Except for the manager,The only editing room built with half glass and fake porcelain walls,Edit room。

Not much space,Can accommodate basic office equipment,A compartment that is different from other ordinary employees,All other employees work together in a large operation room。
Tian Lu in the editing room,I’m still happy,Although the studio has just been established,Need to be further improved,So far,She is still a“head”Erlie。
“Am I promoted?,Are you the second in command of the industrial park studio?,Is it a leader outside Xuchang??Damn,Oh my God,I’m a small official now in power。”
Tian Lu couldn’t help but become intoxicated。She has no leadership experience,Think stupidly,I have to be a leader,Introduce yourself to them。
She cleared her throat,Open the door of the editing room,Go to the operating room,Continue to clear his throat,Open up,Attract employees who are immersed in typing on the keyboard:“Hello everyone,Introduce yourself,although,We all worked in the headquarters,But usually less contact,So strange,My name is Tian Lu,Is the editor-in-chief of Hu Dapeng,But Editor-in-Chief Hu does not specifically work in the branch,From now on, I will work together with everyone in the industrial park studio。”
After speaking,Tian Lu applauded first,Several other people clapped loosely。Tian Lu was satisfied,Half bend down and bow to everyone,She personally thinks that the expression is ceremonial。
After returning to the editing room,Tian Lu thought:Today as a branch“Second in command”,Met everyone,It’s really cool inside,I’m an official anyway,A 嚯嚯嚯……。
I laughed thinking about it,Feel good about yourself。
See the intranet in the lower right corner of the computer,There is flashing on the message,Tian Lu Fu at the desk,Click on the lower right corner of the computer,See it is a private message from Xu Chang,Write:“Come here。”
Tian Ludering rushed to the manager’s office immediately。
After meeting Xuchang,Just speak:“Recent,You need to get in touch with Eyelashes,Plan several specific publicity plans。You can arrange this,Strive for a hit,Make George who beautiful eyelashes admire,Simultaneously,Also giveXtNetwork technology in the industrial park to further expand the market foreshadowed。”
Tian Lu replied:“I will arrange to go。”