Big shareholders’ funds occupied violations of guarantees were strictly investigated many real-controlled people will be punished

  The major shareholders illegally occupy the funds of listed companies, and the violation guarantees is a long-standing market illusion. Recently, the regulatory authorities continued, severely crack down on funding, illegal guarantees and information disclosure illegal acts, and many listed companies and real-control people were taken from funds, and violation guarantees received "Administrative punishment and market ban prior notice".

  Experts interviewed by China Securities News reported that the major shareholders had a violation of funds, violation guarantees and other issues, and the reasons behind it were mainly the "key few" legal duties such as the controlling shareholder, the actual controller, etc. The regulatory authorities continue to strictly crack down on violations of guarantees, and will urge the level of governance of listed companies and better maintain the rights and interests of small and medium shareholders. Many illegal accountouts will be punished this month, and many listed companies have received the "Administrative Punishment and Market Forbidden Prior Notice" by the violation guarantees, fund occupation and other behaviors. For example, * ST Guangzhu released the announcement on December 8th, and one of the company’s real-controlled people will firmly receive the "Administrative Punishment and Market Forbidden Informity" issued by the Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau.

After investigation, Zhang Jili has been the actual controller of ST Guangzhu since November 2015. It is suspected of implying the relevant subjects to securities illegal behavior and concealing the information disclosure.

First, * ST Guangzhu During the period 2016 to 2020, the associated transaction of non-operating occupied funds in accordance with the regulations; the second is that during January to March 2021, it did not disclose according to regulations. Related transactions of associated parties non-operating occupied funds.

In this regard, the Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau is planned to decide: to warn Zhang Jianli, and in a fine of 5 million yuan, the five-year securities market is banned.

  In addition, there are still many listed companies’ violations in the investigation. Since this year, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has already deployed special law enforcement actions with relevant departments.

The Securities Regulatory Commission said on October 15 that the Ministry of Public Security, the highest inspection jointly launched special law enforcement actions against securities crimes, and centrally deployed 19 major cases of typical cases. Among them, some listed companies actually control people to use their positions, and take up funds for listed companies such as payment equity transfer, debt transfer, and suspected of contracting to harm the interests of listed companies. Accurate the "Key Specific" experts believe that the supervision department continues to strictly crack down on violations, confronted violations, reflects the characteristics of "key minority".

  On the one hand, "chasing the first evil" accurately blow, and catch the "key few". Song Yixin, a lawyer of Shanghai Hanlian Law Firm, said, for example, in the administrative punishment prior notice issued by Tengxin Shares, the supervision department plans to punish Tengxin shares, and the actual controller of Tengxin shares. 3 million yuan fines, the amount of punishment for real-controlled people is higher than listed companies.

On the other hand, the funds of the listed company share the capital, and there are often hidden financial fake behaviors, and the regulatory authorities are fully respoted, and severely crack down on illegal violations.

  In addition, the regulatory authorities continue to strictly crack down on fund occupancy and other illegal violations, the constant release of illegal and illegally improve the level of governance of listed companies and maintain the signal of small and medium shareholders’ equity.

  Chief Economist of Chief Cai Securities, Head of the Institute Duty, said that some listed companies have failed, illegal guarantees, financial falsification, and the reasons behind the maintenance shareholders, actual controllers, and direct supervision. Key minority "The legal duties are not implemented.

The regulatory authorities continue to strictly crack down on violations of guarantees, and they will urge the level of governance of listed companies and better maintain the rights of small and medium shareholders.

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