Comrades in the Xiaoping in the work work

In the spring of 1984, I was ordered from the Embassy in the Kingdom Station in Lesotho, and she was a helper of the Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the parter.

This started the busiest date since I entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1964.

Not familiar with new work, insufficient knowledge, lack of related experience. Before this, I only stayed in Africa for three years in the "Mayce" office, the Liberation Army farm labor for three years, and has been translated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Federation of Trade Unions, the Communist Youth League, Cultural Department and Nanjing Higher Military Academy of the People’s Liberation Army. For familiarity as soon as possible, I often worked very late, I don’t know what holidays and weekends.

But it seems that there is a return: from then on, I have been working constantly working for the comrades of Xiaoping. I can often listen to his conversation to foreign guests. I directly learn how he makes friends and maintains the interests of the people.

One day in the autumn of 1984, I first participated in the event of Xiaoping Comrade to meet foreign guests, and the spokesperson who met the meeting, that is, the spokesperson of Meet, and then read it to China and foreign reporters; it is more understandable, it is equivalent to drafting national news agency. The first draft of press release. At the close range of Xiaoping, I saw a unusual impression on me. Speaking is unusual, not, saying that there is something different from ordinary people or a big shelf, but said that he is so confident in his career, so sincerity, frankness, talking about foreign friends, targeted, integrity And the comrades around you are so followed. I remember that he came to the Fujian Hall of the Great Hall of the People than the foreign guest. Han Xu, who was the deputy minister of the Ministry, said: "Comrade Xiaoping, I want to report the situation in the meeting." Comrade Xiaoping said: "No." Han Xi also took a briefing, Xiaoping Comrade "I didn’t look."

"Then I sit there. I am not a moment, I will see him, think that his peaceful look and the wrinkles on the forehead, the slightly closed double eyes, slowly joining it, integrates into time and space, becoming a humility to the people, Classic sculpture of evil hatred.

Waiting for a foreign guest to meet the meeting hall, this "sculpture" is immediately active, and the scorpion is open, and it is endless and fascinating. The time is not long, but the content seems to be more abundant than the average person.

I hurry to write my hair, I want to end the previous text in the end of the meeting, in order to show my comrades to review. This is my predecessor to give me valuable experience. Six or seven minutes before the end of the talks, I wrote a draft, then stared at the comrades of Xiaoping, I thought I can’t let him not see, I don’t listen to my manuscript. My former, said, wait for him to leave again, it is difficult.

In a short while, Comrade Xiaoping and the portrait of the foreign guest.

After the foreign guests left, I can’t take the first and Xiaoping comrades, and I walked straight to him: "Comrade Xiaoping, I have already written the news draft, I want to give you a mind, please approval." Comrade Xiaoping seems to be easy Listening to my Shandong Mandarin, smiling slightly, swaying, said with a strong Sichuan: "Message Draft? Don’t read it.

Responsibility system, this is your business. "Then I said:" Thanks to the comrades of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you have a good job. No hand, goodbye.

"I didn’t expect, the first time I first served as the apocalypse offered. After the report was reviewed, the newspaper was broadcast on the" News Network "in CCTV, the next day. All major newspapers are published. My heart has been uneasy. Sometimes there is no news is good news.

I didn’t hear any reaction until all day, I got my heart.

Comrade Xiaoping did not directly change the draft, but from his part of his part, I was encouraged, I was encouraged, work harder. It seems that slowly learn, carefully, and the spokesperson is not unable.

Once, a leader of African countries visited China. Comrade Xiaoping said to him, you said to us, this is friendly. But China’s practices can only be referred to, you have to take your own way. I see, you can’t engage in socialism now. After listening, I was surprised first, and I was already in emotion, and I said a leader who led China to walk socialism. It is recommended that they don’t engage in socialism, but take your own development path.

What kind of feelings are this? This is the real friend! After the Chinese comrades in the scene, the Chinese comrades were also educated.

Indeed, friendship is expensive. The truth from fact is to pay for the price, Xiaoping comrade "three three", in a sense, because of the fact that insists on seeking truth from facts. For the people, comrades with Comrade Xiaoping for the cause. When Xiaoping commented this, I was not present, but I came to the African country.

Its area is only more than 30,000 square kilometers. It is so big in Hainan Province. The population is one-third of Hainan. The 90% industrial products are imported. The food is imported by the import, mainly Labor and resources are a living. If you advise such a friendly country immediately to engage in socialism according to China, maybe it will harm people. Comrade Xiaoping is so holy, and it is so deep, and it is so shallow, so that I will never forget.

Our staff likes to listen to Comrade Xiaoping, and the foreign guests like it. One of the reasons is that he speaks straight down theme, simply. I don’t remember which time he met, including translation time, more than an hour.

But the content of the conversation is very like a few lessons in a university, and it takes a lot of time to review and digest. One day in September 1982, he met with the British Prime Minister Thatcher, talk about Hong Kong issues.

After the fall, he will add cold and his fourth sentence is: "Frankly, sovereign issues are not a problem that can be discussed … If China is in 1997, it is also the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Any Chinese leader and the government cannot explain to the people of the Chinese, and even if they can’t explain to the people of the world. "Deep, and simple.

Later, the situation was evolved as comrades of Xiaoping. Diplomatic art seems to be highly murdered, but Xiaoping’s comrades are always easy to understand, so that the general people can also gain a little bit of god of the country’s dipresses.

I finally saw Comrade Xiaoping, which was the former US President Nixon in the Great Hall of the People.

He is very interested at that day, talking is just as deep as in the past, and there is an unprecedented humor.

During the seat, Comrade Xiaoping said that the Chinese people have achieved it is not easy.

We have to struggle to struggle to make China rich and strong.

The old family in that year is very poor. The family is not good. Later, I went to France to study, I was tired, and I didn’t eat well. So it is small.

Nixon nodded frequently and smiled.

Comrade Xiaoping said that the little child didn’t matter, the little child had a small child, and there was a big child in the sky.

After the comrades of Xiaoping and Nixon bid farewell, I turned to the young comrade of the Minister of Qian Qichen and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: I received the task of foreign guests? I will not see the foreign guests in the future, is it good? Comrade, Comrade, said: "All the gays of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are very happy to work around you, but never follow you.

I am afraid that there is less chance.

Can you take a picture with you this time? "We are excited to wait for the answer to Comrade Xiaoping.

As soon as he said, "Good", he warmly drove. I realized that I have participated in the activities of Xiaoping’s comrades to meet with foreign guests. This is the first time I took a group photo.

After the phase, he said: "The comrades of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are so good, I thank you. This time I will pull it." After you have a hand, you will say goodbye.

This is my first time, and the last time I shake hands with this great man.

In the forty years of the diplomatic front, I feel that the time to work around Xiaoping is particularly relaxed, and the harvest is also very large. Every time I remember his voice, I recall him, and I will work hard, and I will work hard. I will remember that he always makes me admire: "I am the son of the Chinese people." In my eyes, my eyes are often filled with tears.