Australian Description Event: Trust is gone, don’t talk anything.

Berned Lange, Chairman of the European Parliament International Trade Commission, said on the 21st that Australian destruction events will affect the European Union and the Australian Free Trade Agreement Negotiation Progress, because the Australian credit is questioned. "Trust is disappearing." Lange told the Australian Broadcasting Company, negotiating the "seriousness and credibility" of the Australian Treatment Agreement, so the EU has begun to discuss how to treat the next negotiation, some EU members may require in the self-trade agreement Join the security terms.

He expects that dialogue and negotiations will take longer, and agreements will not sign before France will be elected by the presidential elections next year.

When the French government was punched with the European affairs, Clarion, Bona, on the 17th, talking about the EU and Australian self-contained negotiations, France has unable to trust Australia.

The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia announced the establishment of a new three-sided security partnership, and US-Britain will help Australia to build nuclear power submarines, while the Australian decided to stop the conventional submarine agreement with the French worth tens of billions of dollars. The French franchise called Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom called "behind the knife". The French Foreign Ministers let-Ef Leidron have described the three allies with "lie, two sides of three knives, tricks and abandonment and no one".

Leuder is in New York, USA to participate in the United Nations General Assembly. He said on the 20th that there was a "trust crisis" between France and allies. He canceled the plan with Australian Foreign Minister in New York, nor intended to meet with US Secretary of State, may "encounter him in the corridor." The French French has also canceled the meeting of the meeting this week between the Minister of Defense. Lere Han said: "We think that single-sided, unpredictable, rude and disrespectful partners have passed, but now it is still the case." Leid House hopes to strive to support French positions in Europe.

Foreign Ministers of the EU countries participated in the United Nations General Assembly on the 20th meeting in New York, discussing the destroyed incident.

The EU Diplomacy and Safety Policy Senior Representative Hessop Breil said that the foreign ministers expressed its support for the French.

The Chairman of the European Commission, Tell the US Cable News Network, and France’s encounters "unacceptable", "We want to understand what happened and why." Chairman of the European Council Chairman Chairman, Chairman, emphasized that allies must ensure "transparent and trust", but "we see, transparent and loyal defects".

According to Michel’s statement, the pre-US President Donald Trump treats the attitude of European countries "at least very obvious … In his view, the EU is not useful partners and allies."

The Biden government issued a "New Year" signal, but now makes this move, let him feel confused.

"’The United States is back" – what does this mean? Is the United States returned to the United States, or something else? We don’t understand. "He said. US and EU senior officials were originally attends recently established EU-American Trade and Technical Committee for the first meeting of newly established EU-American Trade and Technology Commission later this month.

However, Michelle revealed that some EU members have requested the session.

(Hui Xiaofeng) (Xinhua News Agency Specialization).