Chapter One Uncrowned king
The world is vast,The world is very small,Often portrayed in the mind,But the patterns shown on the map,But no one can see it completely,Wind, frost, rain and snow,Rock rubble,Most of the time, it is taken over by the line。
The world is not bad,Some people think it’s good,Some people think it’s not very good,It’s just that the world is good and bad,It never cares。
The world is running on its own,Day and night,Wealth has quietly changed,Money status,Kingship and wealth。
After solving the problem of food and clothing through labor,More and more people are beginning to know how to enjoy life,So more and more entertainment projects are born,It’s just the person who really stands at the top of the pyramid,Their entertainment,It’s something that many people can’t reach for a lifetime。
Today is not a special day,Not a holiday,Not an anniversary,But today is also very special,Less than a hundred people know about this day,But these people,But it holds almost one-fifth of the world’s economic lifeline。
Changes in current through the data line,In the monitor in front of you guys,Also appeared the long-awaited picture。
The pictures appearing on nearly a hundred displays are not the same,The characters are different,Killer、Assassin、There are also mercenaries。
These people may be able to master the situation sometime,but now,These people just evolved according to the script“Game characters”That’s it。
Why are these people who are used to freedom so willing to become a pawn in other people’s entertainment projects?In addition to the benefits that people are eager for,The most important thing is,The people who survived this game,Is the uncrowned king of the entire dark world。
The survival rate of this killing game called Dark Day is less than 1%,But there are still many people who train desperately for the three-year Dark Day,Meticulous preparation plan,It’s okay even if you know you’re likely to be in a different place,All for the hope of less than one percent。
Over time,Not only the survivors in the dark days,And the rich and powerful people watching from all over the world,Of course there are also a few politicians。
The dark day is not only to make participants nervous,And the spectators in front of the monitor,Every dark day someone will fall out of the circle of spectators,And then new people come in,But gradually fewer people have the right to speak。
Dark day from morning to night,The killing in the monitor never stopped,Sudden assassination,Rampage kill,Under the bloody wash,There is cold sweat behind the back of someone in front of the monitor,Some people slumped feebly on expensive chairs,Opened a million worth of red wine,Then the whole bottle fell on the ground,The smile on his face became more and more wanton,Finally someone got up and left,Even if he is still in the ranks of the rich,But next time I come back to the display,God knows when。
More than a dozen figures left,The rest of the people have no trouble,They know that new people will come in next time,But now those newcomers are not yet qualified。
The pictures of hundreds of monitors have finally become a unified picture,Black figure,Silver mask,Eyes are slightly scarlet。He is not strong,But the sun sets,When the dark day rises,He is the only survivor。
Everyone staring at the monitor knows him,to be exact,Recognize the eyes behind the silver mask。Someone saw it six years ago,Someone saw it three years ago,Saw it again today。