First435chapter So so so?
The discovery of the matter is completely different from what I thought,FAW is very melancholy!
Before coming to America,They think well,Take this opportunity toAMC、Established a cooperative relationship with Chen Geng,Introduce American capital to develop and revitalize Hongqi cars……
But the ideal is full,Reality is skinny,The main leaders of FAW did not expect to die,Chen Geng is not willing to cooperate with him at all,Buy engine、Buy technology,No problem to visit,But deep cooperation?No talk!
I thought it was a treasure,Unexpectedly, in the eyes of others, it is not as good as a root grass。
But this is not the most sad,The most sad thing is,FAW thinks Chen Geng is trying to catch,But after careful observation, I found that Chen Geng was actually playing……This is sad。
From Chen Shouhua,McDonald’s president, McDonald’s, is obviously in a much happier mood.,Because just now,McDonnell Douglas Chief Engineer George·Paul told him,From next month,McDonnell Douglas latest、Used with Boeing737McDonnell DouglasDC—9super80、McDonnell—80Monthly production capacity will reach4frame,Production capacity is expected to reach in half a year5frame……
“Good!Very very good!”George·Paul’s good news made little MacDonald smile from ear to ear:“This is the best news I have heard this week,George,As a reward for achieving this capacity plan two months in advance,I want to reward you!”
Little MacDonald gave a strong wave:“I decided to give you ten days off,As long as your bill does not exceed $40,000,The company reimburses you all。”
Ten days,40,000 dollars,George·Paul is happy:“Thank youboss,You are such a generous boss。”
The two had a brief chat,George·Paul is ready to leave,He can’t wait to get ready to spend a happy holiday,But he suddenly thought of something:“Right boss,One thing is quite interesting。”
“Oh?”Little MacDonald raised his eyebrows,Motion to George·Paul say something。
“Two days ago,I received a fax from Mr. Fernandez’s office……”