“Ming Daoyou,With your talent,A lot stronger than ordinary gods,Once joined the fairy palace,There is no shortage of resources,My Winter Tour to the Immortal Palace will definitely support you in making your journey into a fairy。”

“Yes,Yiming the talent of Taoist friends,Maybe the ancestor will accept disciples himself。”
After all, the two gods have been practicing for a long time,Although two friends fell and defected, they were also extremely sad,But I can still communicate with Li Ming。
But for the invitation and wooing of these two gods,Li Ming is talking about him,Instead, he inquired about the war。
After all, for Li Ming,There are no benefits to joining the Winter Palace,Killed four demon kings,Most of the wealth belongs to him,There is no shortage of magic treasures。
to him,What is needed most is a breakthrough in realm。
Once the mental strength breaks through to the third level,A thorough understanding of the Avenue of Stars,He has a certain degree of certainty to let the second soul through the celestial calamity,Then directly enter the real fairy stage。
By the time,Even if Dongyou Zhenxian’s strength is equal to him,Why bother to worship the other side’s door。
The two sides fought for a while,The two gods seem to feel that Li Ming is reluctant to join the Winter Tour Fairy Palace,Never said more。
Only Li Ming mentioned about the war,The two gods just said that even if there is a war,Generally, it will only let Tianxian and Sanxian go up,Dixian will not be involved in war in general。
after all,The number of earth immortals is much less than that of scattered immortals。
Like Li Ming, he stubbornly suffocated to close to the ultimate strength of the gods,It is still too rare to be unwilling to cross the catastrophe。
Chapter Twenty Catastrophe and mental strength
Qing Mingzong,A sect in Linhai County,The strength is equivalent to that of Li Ming’s Bai family,Maybe it’s a little bit weak。
but,After all, there are places and immortals throughout the ages,The sect is not weak,The mountain protection formation can also withstand the average goddess。
But this day,Disaster has come。