Waiting for Yunqin,Military doctor cleaned up,Say and report to Chen Huayan。

“Thanks for your hard work。”Easy to go forward,Hand your hot water that is just ready to give Yunqin。
Yun Qin smiled and said。Take a tea cup,Drank a big mouth。
“How’s it going?”Zhao Xiangzi asked inside。
“Life keeps,Can you wake up?,I will watch tonight.。”Yunqin Shen Wei Road。
The man’s injury is too serious.,Very impact on the brain。
“Also give him a deputy drug,I gave him a decoction.,Where is the place where cooking??”
Yi Song pulls Yunqin,road:“Let me go.。How do you tell me how frave?,I am fried。You just give him surgery,Go to the rest。”
Think about it,Yunqin nodded:“good,Use a bowl of water into a half bowl。I will give you medicine.。”
Yunqin turned and entered the account,Easy to follow。
Behind,Zhao Xiangqi stared at the back of the two http://www.xmdy222.cn people,I have a good time.。
He always feels,I went to the city this time.,Between the two,What is changed?。
From going up the mountain,Take a few herbs collected on the road on the mountain.,Use the appliance that is back from Taolongzhai to organize,With a clean paper bag,Hand to Yusong。
Yunqin has reached a few decoction precautions,Yi Song carefully recorded,Take the medicine bag decocted。
Zhao Xiangpang is coming in with easy to pick up,Looking at the man who hands the wound,Asked Yunqin:“what happened,Mongcheng, you confirmed,Not a junction??”
“Um,no。His memory has been restored,Not a book drunk。”Yunqin nodded。
“Then he”Zhao Xiangzhi referred to a man who finishes coma on the bed.。
Yunqin is more,road:“Although it is uncertain, it is not a book.,but,Just when I was shocked by him,There is always a special http://www.xinfusheng666.cn feeling。”
“I think,It is the bloody tie between us to remind me.,Can’t miss him。”
Zhao Xiangxi took a shot of Yunqin’s shoulder,Context:“Your feeling has always been very accurate,maybe,He really will be drunk。”
Yun Qin laughs,road:“Um,I believe too。”
“correct,Is the people in Taolong arranged properly??And Ziyu them??”
Determine that the man has no dangerous life.,Yunqin finally had time to start to ask the main thing to come.。
Zhao Xiangqi Wei Wei,road:“rest assured,The people in Taolongzhai are arranged.。I let Zi Yu have tiger,Let’s escort to the security person.,It should be back for another two days.,Wu Qiwu should be on the weapon library,Do you want people to find him??”
People who know that Taolongzhai are fine.,Yun Qinong tone,Sway,road:“no need,The favorite of Qi brother is to study these,Wait until you are seeing him later.。”
Speech,From http://www.shzhabeiqulvshi.cn the outside, I will come in one person.。
It is to listen to the military doctor said that treatment has ended,Specially run‘Sense of brush’Chen Huai Yan。
“Yunqin heard that people have given it.,What else needs?,Just talk,I will give you!”‘Hurt’Come in Chen Huaiyan。
Yun Qin glanced,Success made Chen Huaihe closed his mouth,Only lowered the scorpion:“Can you smash?!I don’t know if the patient is resting.,Do you need to care??!”
I haven’t seen you just talk to Zhao Xiangpang, I am far away from the bed.,Is it low??!
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
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