Acknowledging Chinese vaccines, seizing the opportunity of economic recovery

Acknowledged Chinese vaccine, the United States and Western countries finally took a step. Since the world of China’s new crown vaccine, from the rumor to gradually recognize, why is Western countries to treat Chinese vaccines? The answer is not difficult to find: Chinese vaccines have doubts with strength, and they will win respect by integrity.

Western countries have to remove thick ideology prejudice glasses. What is the safety of Chinese vaccine? The answer has been given by international scientific research and clinical data.

In the United States, the International Medical Journal "American Medical Association Magazine" released research report showed that the two new new crown of China’s Chinese medicine group were induced 14 days after two needles inoculation, high titer antibodies can produce effective protection, and all people The medium and antibody rolls are more than 99%; in Sri Lanka, the University of Sriajavadnapla, the research report released, 95% of the crowds can produce antibodies after vaccination, Chinese medicine vaccine, variability The Delta strain is very effective; in Chile, the effectiveness of Chinese vaccine prevents severe diseases has reached%; in Uruguay, the population of 18 and 69 years old is inoculated, the mortality rate has fallen by more than 95% …… The fact is better than elite.

International organizations and the world have cast trust tickets for Chinese vaccines: multi-country politics "take the lead in vaccination", and all countries are here, WHO is included in the provision of emergency use. Adhere to the vaccine as a global public product, China ‘s re-enactment, and if you want to say.

As the manufacturing big country, China’s vaccine production capacity is continuously improved, alleviating the situation in which the global vaccine is not necessary, continuously filling "vaccine gap".

Up to now, China has provided more than 1.8 billion vaccines to more than 120 countries and international organizations.

In addition to China, there are approximately 5.6 billion vaccines to China, and 1/3 of China has provided

For the fact that Chinese vaccine is safe and affordable, the United States and Western countries know that why is it dragged to the Chinese vaccine recently? Realistic interests: only give the Chinese vaccine "open green light" to save their own economic homes.

Since this year, the global vaccination of new crown vaccines has been continuously promoted. The epidemic situation has eased, and the US Western countries have successively reopen their borders, hoping to reinvigorate tourism and cross-border trade. However, the threat of the epidemic is not released, and the rebound is a wave, and the variant strain continues to upgrade iteration. In this context, how can it be able to reduce the risk of reopening the border and attract global merchants to enter the country? If we approach the Chinese vaccine, the effect of reopening the border in the US Western countries will be greatly reduced.

Another Chinese market that can not ignore.

The huge market of more than 14 billion people, more than 400 million medium-to-market, with the world’s largest and most potential consumer market … so large Chinese market, who will give up? As the Japanese Canon Global Strategic Institute, the director of the study, Zhukou, looking forward to the global market, in the next 10 to 15 years, no market can be as attractive as the Chinese market.

What’s more, after the epidemic, China took the lead in controlling the epidemic, and took the lead in recovering production, and took the lead in achieving economic growth, and became a rare color of the global economic recovery. China persisted, steady, steady, strive to take the "balanced wood" of the epidemic and stabilizing the economy, and hand over a good transcript to the world.

As an important engine for the world economic growth, China’s economy is stable, and it is significant for activating global trade and national supply chain industrial chain.

It can be said that admitted Chinese vaccines, it is equivalent to seizing the Chinese market, and seizes the opportunity of economic recovery. At the moment, the epidemic is still raging, and the economic recovery is still fragile. Only the arrogance and prejudice, unite and cooperation, can get the world out of the predicament, ushered in light. (Jia Pingfan) Original title: Accreditation Chinese vaccine, the United States and the United States finally took a step (see "People’s Daily Overseas Edition" (12th edition, December 07) Editor: Wu Zhengdan, Mao Li.