Will Smith’s new film Jedimen: Fast Track confirms the transfer of the mainland

Will Smith’s new film “Jedimen: Fast Track” confirms the transfer of the mainland
Sauna Night News January 17th, the movie “Jedi Men: Fast Track” starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence announced the introduction of the movie to the mainland, and released a preview of “Supremacy Miami”.As one of the most famous tourist cities in North America, Miami ‘s dangerous and charming urban style has attracted Hollywood producers to create many classic crime mimic movies based on Miami.In the newly released teaser, the Miami detective “Mike” played by Will Smith appeared in a stylish suit, which can not only walk on the streets of Miami, but also get into the back of the dragon snake.The chef interrogated his opponent.Will Smith and Martin Lawrence played the detective partner “Marcus” turned into “Boy Street Boy” combination, driving the iconic car “Porsche 992″ galloping on Miami’s Gold Coast.”Jedimen: Fast Track” co-directed by Adil El Abbe and Bilal Farah, created by Jerry Brookheimer, producer of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Will Smith (“When Happiness”Come knock on the door, “Independence Day” and “The Man in Black”, led by Martin Lawrence (“The Jedi” series), Vanessa Hudgens (“Dreams of the Earth: Mysterious Island”), AlexanderLudwig (“The Hunger Games”) starred together.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Guo Li