For the ambition of the ontology,He will try his best to experience more worlds with Song Chen,It’s a pity that Song Chen now directly destroys those weak worlds,Zhao Yue is also very helpless。

therefore,Zhao Yue can only hope,I will encounter those Zhongqian worlds in the future,Then inform the ontology of the world coordinates of those Zhongqian worlds,After they leave,Naturally, the body will lead the soldiers of the Great Qin Dynasty to conquer those middle-thousand worlds。
Zhao Yue believes,One day sooner or later,The prestige of the Great Qin Dynasty will spread to other worlds,Even if he falls,No problem,For the future of the Great Qin Dynasty,He is just a clone of the body,What’s the matter with death?
“Let’s go,We go down,Look at this world, it seems like a formation,unfortunately,too weak。”
“but,Brother Zhao,Why do you insist on taking the sword cultivation way?Progress is too slow,It’s better to follow me on this path that devours life,The speed of strength improvement is very fast,I believe,When I am so strong that I can’t imagine,We two can definitely go home。”
“Then we will settle down well with the family,Then stay in our hometown,Not so much fighting,Isn’t it beautiful?”
Song Chen glanced at the long sword his friend was carrying,Said in a leisurely tone,He got this chance by a fluke,Free to travel to other worlds,Although I was interested at first,but,After going through several worlds,He feels lonely。
He is homesick,He misses relatives,but,He can’t find his way home,Until he met Zhao Yue by accident,Fellow from one world,then,Because something unexpected happened suddenly,The two of them embarked on a journey to other worlds together。
From the heart,Song Chen is very grateful to Zhao Yue,Because of this fellow,He won’t be so lonely,Because the two have the same goal,That is to find the way home。
Even now,Song Chen doesn’t know if he can swallow other creatures now if he can call him a human,but,He wants power,He wants strong power,Strong enough to go home,therefore,He does not regret。
Song Chen can now mobilize the power in his body at will,and,He discovered that he can also transform other creatures into existences like himself,The first thing he thought of was to make his friend Zhao Yue the same as him。
Unfortunately,Do not know why,Zhao Yue recognized the way of swordsmanship,Although Song Chen also thinks Yujian flying is very handsome,but,Obviously, it’s better to take the path of devouring other creatures to strengthen yourself,Easier to improve。
Song Chen persuaded several times,But Zhao Yue just refused,Song Chen won’t care about Zhao Yue’s rejection,I feel sorry for the same disease,What’s more, the two have experienced so much together,He and Zhao Yue can be said to be brothers who share life and death。
Song Chen would not hurt the friendship between their brothers for this trivial matter,When he becomes strong, he will definitely take Zhao Yue back to his hometown,This is his promise。