Hear the conversation between the two,Yue Ling’er and the others were stunned,Co-authored for a long time,It’s their own people,What does this mean。

“Great elder,Why are you here?”Zhang Shengyi asked curiously。
“Oh,Come out and do something,Stop by。”
of course,Grand Elder won’t say it,He was actually worried about them,So protect along the way。
This is the heart of an adult,Xia Chenglong naturally knew,But he didn’t say it,After all, Yue Ling’er and the others are already under a lot of pressure,If you tell these,I’m afraid I will cry for three days and three nights。
“How to drop,You always promised,Promise my terms,Can’t go back now!”
“what,I promised anything,I didn’t say anything, okay!”
The great elder is directly speechless about Xia Chenglong’s eloquent ability,Although they all know what they are talking about,But this became。
Some old people can only sigh helplessly:“Ok,Actually, the college really needs some helpers from outside,So as not to appear too isolated,It’s not a bad thing!”
Xia Chenglong nodded in satisfaction:“Just,As for the specific things,You can discuss it slowly after I’m gone!”
Chapter Sixty Two Dream Trust
Naturally, the great elder can’t be left out,Xia Chenglong forced everyone to stay and have a meal before leaving,As for these people, naturally they have no opinion。
Especially those students in the inner courtyard,When they knew that their senior sister and senior had some kind of connection with the senior officials of Mingcheng,Sincere pride。
Especially Wanliumen was swept,This shows the status of Senior Sister and Senior in Underworld。