As soon as the car started,Donna became active。Xia Jian thinks this woman has a really good personality,It seems to bring people all happiness!

The third prison is about 60 kilometers away from Qingshan County,If it weren’t for the road a bit difficult,It’s just a few minutes away from this road。
As the procedures are complete,Donna took Xia Jian and soon saw Wang Yihua。Wang Yihua in the iron window is in good spirits,Just look thinner。She is strong,Always smile。Xia Jian and her talk very happily,Unfortunately time is limited,Xia Jian felt that she didn’t say anything,Time has come。
When Wang Yihua turned and left,Xia Jian suddenly felt sad,But he still resisted,After all he is a man。His weak side happened to be seen by Donna。
They came out of the prison and sat in the car,Donna suddenly asked Xia Jiandao:“President Xia!I heard that there are many beauties around you,For example, my beautiful cousin,She is also one of you!”
The meaning of the side in Donna’s mouth is only clear to Xia Jian。But this is a very difficult question,Sometimes Xia Jian can’t figure out herself,Is this okay??But you can’t stop some things happening。
Xia Jian looked out the car window with both eyes,It took a long time to say:“I told you you might not understand”
“Ah!Your excuse is too weak。I’ll answer for you,You tell me this because you don’t know what to do。You’re still an honest person,In today’s society,Materialistic,People become greedy and hypocritical,In a man of strength,Hardly hear the truth”Donna said to Xia Jian with a serious face。
Xia Jian started the car,Drive slowly,And said to Donna:“You say so,Explain that you also walked out of the siege”
“Is it?!But I have my own understanding。Man and woman together,Pictured is a joy。Regardless of life,No future,Generally men and women can go on together,But once determined,What are you to me,Or when you get married,Everything has changed”Donna said,Got a long breath。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Ok!Understand well”
“So I found that you are not only a smart boss in business,Even in the emotional field,Also very smart。Don’t promise any woman,But there is never a shortage of beautiful women by your side,This is what makes you unique”Donna said,Can’t help but laugh。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“It seems that you still have a lot of research on me,What do you want?”
“Don’t tell you”Donna laughed and said。
Two people joking in the car,Unconsciously came to Qingshan County。It’s lunch time。Xia Jian invited Donna to a potluck,Then one went to Wang Yihua’s villa。
When Wang Yihua went in,I left it here to take care of him,But he left,Just a lot of days。Fortunately, the enclosure of the villa is well done,Although the house is a bit dusty,But not a lot。Xia Jian took off his coat,Started cleaning,He feels that he moves very fast,But when he finishes,Two hours have passed。
Xia Jian lay on the sofa and wanted to squint for a while,Unexpectedly, the phone rang at this time。The call was from Wang Lin,Xia Jian looked busy。
Wang Lin on the phone said to Xia Jian anxiously:“President Xia!There is something you must do,Because they specified to see you”
“What’s the matter?You talk first”Xia Jian yawned on the sofa and asked。
Wang Lin paused and said:“Dongsheng Group’s follow-up contract,Their boss appoints to see you before signing”