Building a rural rejuvenation system, build a common prosperity platform – the revelation of the "leaders" "front team" "the back team" of 2277 poverty villages in Guangdong

The picture shows the style of Li Yishan Village, China. In 2020, it was a final victory of the poor and finally won the year.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that various departments should summarize the experience of extracting the poverty, playing the role of poverty, and continues to promote the effectiveness of the rejuvenation and the effectiveness of the rural revitalization, and maintain the overall stability of the poverty policy. To stimulate the power of poverty in poor areas, incentive, low-income populations with labor capacity, continue to move forward towards the goal of gradually achieve common prosperity of all people.

As a leading edge position of reform and opening up, Guangdong has been poverty alleviated by "Double to" (planned to the households, responsibility to people) in 2009 – 2015, solves the current standards of the country. On this basis, since 2016, the new period has been accurately poverty alleviation, and the province’s accumulated 10,000 buildings have relatively poor population and 2277 relative poverty villages. The research team of Tongji University National Modernization Institute has recently developed in Guangdong’s more than ten rivotes. Through the persistent efforts of the province of Guangdong, the poor village production, life, and ecology are deep recovery: the income of poor is stable and growing, and the industry foundation Gradually consolidate, infrastructure public service continues to improve, village villages are new. In many turned-shaped changes, the research team believes that the three major changes have a iconic and far-reaching impact.

Shanwei Xinshan Village View. Jinshan Village is in the picture – the grassroots governance model is constantly innovating, and the "farmers’ subjectivity" of rural development is revealed.

Village Council, Township Assembly, Rural Revitalization Promotion Association, Village Collective Poverty Alleviation Assets Management Committee, Red White Council, Tao Tete Commission, Anti-Divison Broadcasting, Villagers Adequate Angle … In the survey, a number of rich villagers The autonomous model makes people look in front. These organizations have a village of villages, some of which are for immigration, and some for industrial development.

Although the purpose is different, there is no exception to emphasize the main role of farmers. The grassroots governance model is constantly enhanced, which has greatly stimulated the owner’s consciousness and innovation.

Some villages explore the "Ticket System" that raised unearthed frequently, and some villages have spontaneously investigated, led the villagers to design the drawings and build projects. According to statistics, there are currently 10,000 villages in the province of Guangdong, and the natural village of the Village Council, accounting for 89% of the total number of provinces.

– Trend people return to the "rural elite".

There were more than ten rural areas of the survey, there were "rural elites" reflux, less than ten people, dozens of people, and hundreds of people. The foreign-out personnel choose to return to their hometown, and even some urban people aim at the village of the country, which means there will be more intelligence, information, management resources into the rural areas, so that the countryside has become the origin of the industrial chain and the value chain, becoming the power source of investment and consumption. . The rural endogenous growth power source is awakened and will change the rural interpretation of the city’s unidirectional relationship, so that urban and rural equality value is exchanged, and thereby lays a foundation for high quality urban and rural integration. – Rural in the industrial chain and the value chain, the interaction of urban and rural resource elements is jumped from "Physical Reaction" to "Chemical Reaction". For a long time, an important reason why the urban-rural development gap is constantly big is that the rural lack of value creativity, leading to the continued loss of quality elements, causing rural hollow and poverty.

Through the construction of new rural demonstration villages, Guangdong continues to get close to urban and rural distance, narrowing urban-rural gaps in infrastructure and public services. In the survey, we found that many demonstration villages have shown the transition from "attachment" city to "adsorption" city. Overall, Guangdong’s new rural demonstration zone is a "three changing" process of resource-changing assets, capital changes, and farmers’ stockholders. It is a poverty-stricken village production, life, ecological depth bite, and empowerment. In this process, people, wealth, land, skills, ecology, etc. are supported by each other, the original dispersion, isolation, and cutting rural resources have gradually dripped into rivers, forming relative independent value growth and rooted in rural life. . The "Tenth Five-Year Plan" proposal "suggests" to strengthen the new workers’ relations with the construction of workers, urban hometown, promote the formation of workers, urban and rural complement, coordinated development, and common prosperity. On the occasion of comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries, Guangdong practices have undoubtedly inspiring the high-level poverty alleviation in the future. – Comprehensively strengthen the party’s leadership is a strong organizational guarantee and political security. It is an important experience in the poverty alleviation work in Guangdong. The provincial and county rural "five-level secretary" grasped, strengthens the role of the grassroots party organization in the fighting fortress of the poverty reduction, so that accurate poverty alleviation has strong organizational guarantee and political protection, so that the socialist system has superiority.

– Maintaining farmers’ rights is the fundamental starting point of poverty alleviation work. Establish a system arrangement for the protection of farmers’ rights, safeguarding farmers’ material interests, respecting farmers’ democratic rights, making farmers in relatively weak positions more fully sharing reform dividends.

It is necessary to rely on poor people to use their hard work with their hard work.

Guangdong’s practice proves that insists on respecting farmers’ wishes and choices, respecting peasants’ first spirit, will greatly stimulate farmers’ master’s spirit and innovative awareness.

– Activate the "rural value" land is the key.

Establish a long-term mechanism to solve relatively poverty, crack the urban and rural binary structure, must not destroy the country, but re-discover, improve the value of the countryside.

In many rural resources, the land is undoubtedly the core carrier of "rural value".

Activate land elements will not only open the new space of rural development, but will greatly broaden the channels of urban and rural integration.

Very important role in attaching importance to social poverty alleviation in the Poverty Alleviation.

If you win, you must further mobilize all aspects of society to participate in poverty alleviation. Since 2016, it has been in the exploration of relatively poverty since 2016, and Guangdong has more than 10,000 enterprises have helped to help more than 8,000 villages and a large number of township donations, fully prove the huge energy of social poverty alleviation. The Five-Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee first proposed that "all the people’s common prosperity achieved more obvious substantive progress", society poverty alleviation is not only solving the poverty alleviation problem, but is actually a prototype of "Building a Platform". – Countryside can be a value chain, the starting point of the supply chain.

Many poor villages do not have no resources, not the basis of industrial development, but lack of discovery, integration, excavation of resource value concept and mechanism, lack of switching and institutional design of industrial revitalization.

Guangdong passed the construction of new rural demonstration villages, so that the shackles of rural development were stripped, and the country’s unique ecological value, emotional value, and space value were increasing. The meaning of the country is no longer limited to resource supply or interchange, but provides a new possibility that is different from the urban development model.