Beijing Chaoyang two business districts attracted nearly 30% of the city

Original title: Two major business districts of Chaoyang attracted nearly 30% of the city, this news (Reporter Zhu Songmei) The first store in the first three quarters this year, 137 new stores in Chaoyang District, currently have 364 first stores in the district, accounting for 52% of the city. Sanlitun, the two major business districts of Guomao CBD attracted nearly 30% of the city.

  The stores at home and abroad have been called "first store" in a certain area, and the number represents an area of ??openness and commercial aggregation.

Chaoyang District Commercial Bureau data shows that 137 new stores in the whole area will be added in the past 9 months this year, and the number exceeded last year (last year of 116). At present, there are 364 first stores in Chaoyang District, accounting for 52% of the city.

From the distribution of business district, 119 first stores landed in Sanlitun Business Circle, 88 first stores landing countries and trade CBD business districts, two business districts attracted nearly 30% of the city. Standard, big suburban pavilion, three commercial circles, attracting more than 20 first store. Among them, the International Trade CBD Business Circle is the most international temperament, and it is 35 in the first store in the international brand.

  From January to September this year, the total retail of the Chaoyang District has a total of billion yuan, a year-on-year growth, and the total amount is achieved on the basis of the high base, and the city is double the first.

Soon, the business projects such as the Zhengda Center Business and Sanlitun Taiguri District will open, which will add vitality to the first store in Chaoyang. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.