[How to eat oyster steamed]_Steamed _How to make

[How to eat oyster steamed]_Steamed _How to make

As everyone knows, oysters are a kind of seafood that people often see, and their meat is delicious. It is rich in protein, vitamins, and other trace elements that are effective for the human body.

There are many ways to make oysters. Steaming oysters is a very common method. So how to cook oysters?

Here’s a detailed introduction.

Fresh oysters have no gaps in the shell and are tightly closed.

Steaming the sauce or adding garlic to steam is the best way to integrate the freshness and crunchiness of the born oysters. The steamed oysters with garlic add little nutritional loss and taste delicious.

Materials: 8 oysters, 1 red pepper, 2 green garlic.

Seasoning: 30 grams of garlic, 30 grams of ginger, 20 grams of steamed fish stew oil, 10 grams of raw soy sauce, sesame oil.

Practice: 1.

Garlic shreds; ginger shreds; red pepper, garlic mince.


Wash the shell of oysters, wear gloves, and pry the shell open with a knife.


Rinse the black juice on the sticky oysters with brine.


Use a kitchen towel to drain the moisture from the oyster shell and the oyster meat.


Sprinkle with garlic.

Add ginger.


Steamed fish stew with soy sauce and sesame oil into a bowl.


Place the oysters in the pan with the sauce.


Steam on the pot for about 8 minutes.


After it is out of the pan, sprinkle with red pepper and green garlic, and pour in the sauce.