[Home-made baby rice noodle recipe]_Latest production_Method

[Home-made baby rice noodle recipe]_Latest production_Method

The home-made baby rice noodle recipe is made by using rice noodles directly with warm water, and rice noodles are powders formed by processing rice, which is easily absorbed by babies and contains a lot of starch, which can provide energy for babies.

For home-made baby rice noodles, we usually pay attention to the water temperature when we give them to the baby, because the rice noodles dissolve can cause the baby to have indigestion.

The formula of home-made baby rice noodles is that the water temperature of the rice noodles is too high, and the nutrients in the rice noodles are easy to lose; the water temperature is too low, the rice noodles do not dissolve, which will cause clumping together, and the baby will have indigestion.

The more suitable water temperature is seventy or eighty suspensions. The hot water in the drinking fountains used by ordinary households should have no problem.

Note that the mother does not have to cook the prepared rice noodles again, otherwise the precipitated nutrients on the rice noodles will be easily destroyed.

The suitable water temperature for preparing rice noodles is 70 ℃ -80 ℃.

In fact, as long as it is nutritious and easy to digest, you can try to put a little, make the same amount on the same day, try the baby to eat this taste and change the trick.

If your baby’s belly is sparse, add some vegetables. If it is too dry, add more.

But eggs are essential every day, whether it is added in rice noodles or boiled in noodles, you can also steam eggs for your baby.

The simplest method of homemade rice flour is to soak the rice for more than 2 hours, then take it out into a blender.

2. Add any kind of vegetables or fruits into the blender and stir into a mud lake.

3, pour into a milk pan and add an appropriate amount of water, stir with a spoon while heating, and cook into a thick paste.

You can add potato, pumpkin, carrot or green vegetables according to your baby’s taste and stir together.

Older babies can also add shrimp, etc. This kind of homemade rice noodles is fresh and nutritious, and the method is simple.

In the infant stage, breast milk is the most ideal food for babies. Babies replaced by breast milk develop healthier and have higher immunity, but as the baby grows up day by day, eating breast milk or milk alone can no longer meet the baby’s nutritional needs.

So at this time, in addition to the original breast milk or baby milk, you should also allow the baby to eat some solid food, which is what we call complementary food.