Acting as an intellectual in Chang An Dao, Fan Wei said he was ready to be hated

Acting as an intellectual in “Chang An Dao”, Fan Wei said he was ready to be hated
Fan Wei is back!After winning the Golden Horse Award for Best Actor in the 2016 annual film “Issue No Problem”, he began to align with the rhythm, and rarely saw him alone in the big screen works.Until the upcoming release of this week, based on Haiyan’s novel “Changan Pirate”, the movie “Changan Road”, Fan Wei returned to the public’s attention again.In the interview, Fan Wei didn’t talk much, there was no whims, it seemed that Halo and the identity of the famous actor had nothing to do with it. Instead, he enjoyed a more peaceful life.The so-called truth of the character is the truth you think, the truth you think, the truth I think.The conclusion is that there is no truth in this world!”At the end of the movie” Changan Dao “, Fan Wei stood in an empty studio and performed a hysterical one-man show. The image of a small person had existed before. This time, Fan Wei played Wan Zhenggang as a professor of history and TV station”The main speaker of the “Tang Shi Forum” is a real intellectual.”I also suspected him” Haiyan’s “Changan Pirates” describes a series of intricate incidents that occurred after female policewoman Zhao Hongyu and his father Wan Zhenggang were involved in the theft of King Zhenshun Jingling.Director Li Jun thinks about it and thinks that Fan Wei is best suited to play Wan Zhenggang.In the movie “Chang An Dao”, when he just accepted this role, Fan Wei couldn’t help but doubt: “I suspected this person at that time, his behavior was very abnormal, in order to kill his daughter indirectly for the so-called fame and fortune, how can he do this?Things?”What impressed Fan Wei was the versatility of this character.”Selfish, extreme is the root” In Li Jun’s view, Wan Zhenggang is an extremely selfish person who particularly highlights his image and academic papers, which also allowed Fan Wei to find the logic of the role.The problem, the whole play is getting smoother and smoother: “He is easy to handle at an extreme. I can find the root of his placement. He always wants to stand in the center of the academic stage to control others, just like in two three-dimensional spaces.Wandering schizophrenic patients, whether he is a good person or a bad person, but he has his helplessness and involuntarily.”In the father-daughter love story, Wan Zhenggang and his daughter Zhao Hongyu have a very special relationship. The daughter hates his father for leaving him and his mother.The father hopes to compensate his daughter in his own way, but in order to defend fame and fortune, he also needs to hide many things.”Someone can understand that someone will hate him” For Fan Wei, this is a new challenge in his acting career. There are multiple scenes that require emotional outbursts. Both physical and psychological tests are great: “After the screening, this roleIt will definitely cause controversy. This is a good thing. People who have experienced it can understand it, and people who have not experienced it will hate it. They have different opinions. Anyway, I played him well.In the film, Fan Wei and Jiao Junyan play a pair of father and daughter who are not too close.Fan Jiao and Jiao Junyan played their father and daughter for the first time. Fan Wei said that without continuous contact, the two of them played with the script every day, and they spent less time with each other. They occasionally gave each other snacks.”In terms of roles, we are not one. Like the last opponent scene, her eyes and tears are all in place, and there is also love and recovery for my father.”Convention Although this time the role is very complicated, Fan Wei did not go to see the original. This is his usual habit: “I am faced with the script of the movie, the characters in the movie, I am afraid that the characters created after reading the originalIt will be disturbed by imagination. I’m sure that the script will adapt good things. The ones that should be deleted and the ones that should be added. This is a matter for the director and screenwriter. It’s just as honest as the actor.”An exception, however, during the preparation of” Changan Road “, Fan Wei also broke an example,” I am quite reluctant to communicate with people, thinking of trying not to disturb others.But at this stage, it became particularly pedantic. At that time, the director surveyed the scenery in Xi’an. I watched the script in Beijing. I played the logic, and regardless of whether others were busy or not, I went straight to a WeChat past. We talked in a month or twoIt’s all 60 seconds of WeChat voice (laughs).”Fresh Q & A” Acting is like digging in a sauna sauna network: In the past two years, your filming rhythm has been sudden. Are you deliberately adjusting the rhythm, or are you not particularly satisfied with the film selection?Fan Wei: Yes, it ‘s usually too repetitive to choose a movie, but it is still very appealing to me as long as the characters called crazy are different.I now particularly hope to play the role of great joy and sorrow, like “Beautiful Life”, in a comic way to perform a cruel story.Sauna Night Net: Many people rate your performance as “hardcore” and “professional”. What do you think?Fan Wei: You say that I am a professional, but I am not (laughs).In fact, I’m just one foot in the other and one door out of the other. I play TV dramas in sketches and movies in TV dramas. I don’t have much professionalism.I just thought that since taking this role, I would die.The performance is like digging a well. The deeper the water, the sweeter the result, the better the result.This is a very stupid way.Sauna Night Net: Over the past few years, realist works have been very popular in the market. What kind of feedback do you expect from the audience after seeing “Changan Road”?Fan Wei: I’m very embarrassed, and I’m already psychologically prepared that this character will cause controversy.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Wu Dongni proofread Zhao Lin