Currently,Gilt ware in the world,Worth over 100 million,Almost all produced in the Ming Dynasty,Especially during the Yongle period。”Hu Yang and everyone introduced。

Get!The audience in the live room was speechless。
no doubt,Brother Hu is a bright blow。but,The artistic civilization created by the Ming Dynasty,Really admirable,Make future generations proud。
Although this dynasty,The people in the later period also suffered。But he made the Han people stand up,It’s worth paying homage to future generations。Although the Song Dynasty’s economy was very developed,But the weak of the military,Has always been criticized by later generations,Every effort is to sum up。
Although Yuan Dynasty is strong,But the Mongols don’t treat the Han as a human,While ruling,Even more than the Qing Dynasty。Everyone’s sense of identification with Yuan Dynasty is not very strong。
Until the ruthless man Zhu Yuanzhang appeared,Drove the monstrous Mongolians back to the prairie。once,Zhu Yuanzhang in search of the national jade seal,Even sent troops to the grassland several times,Beat the Mongols into misery。
As for what later generations said:The emperor guards the country gate,King’s Death!Hundreds of Ming Dynasty,Discord、Undivided、Not paying tribute,It makes many future generations full of respect for this dynasty。
See those speeches in the live broadcast room,Hu Yang smiled:“I’m not a big blow,I am to every dynasty of our country,All respect。but,In our cultural circle,Traditional culture,The Ming Dynasty did leave us too much precious wealth,This is the fact。”
quickly,Someone else wants to say,The Song Dynasty was a literati,Created culture,Also very dazzling!
“Yes!Song Dynasty’s culture is also very good,Although its military is weak,Often hanged,But i like it too。”Hu Yang said undeniably。
Chinese porcelain that has been shining for more than a thousand years,It started to explode in the Song Dynasty,Five Min Kiln,It is still talked about by the world,Never forget。
Literary attainments,Various calligraphy、Poems、Painting and other arts,The same。
right now,Ancient calligraphy and painting before Song Dynasty,Many have been wiped out,left,Almost all copies of the Song Dynasty。To a certain extent,The Song Dynasty preserved a lot of ancient heritage。
Closer to home,The topic returns to the Ming Dynasty giltware。
“Giltware of Ming Dynasty,Especially the gilt Buddha,The reason why it can develop to that degree,There is a reason。”Hu Yang said。
He said,Before Jiajing Dynasty in Ming Dynasty,The palace attaches great importance to Buddhism。