“OK,That `s a deal。”Chen Geng said nothing,Agreed。

10Ten thousand dollars only,For ordinary Americans,This money is equivalent to them10Annual income without food or drink,Even some find,For Chrysler、For Fernandez,This money is really a bet purchase——of course,For Chen Geng,If this lottery loses,It still hurts:Running for a city councillor,Also useless10Ten thousand dollars。
For any OEM,To develop a new model,Especially strategic new models,There are usually dozens or hundreds of prototype cars manufactured in the early stage for various tests.,This is also the current countries have relatively low collision regulations and environmental protection requirements,After a few years, there are more requirements in this regard,The number of prototype cars needed will be more,Global strategic models developed by Ford:Mondeo,The prototype car used for crash testing alone was produced300Multiple。
So for Ford、For a major global OEM like Chrysler,Transfer20A prototype car to do a small test that’s not a problem at all,It only took three days,10The test car according to the suspension and steering setting scheme given by Chen Geng was adjusted and modified.,Counting what Chrysler took out10Vehicles“Flickering boat suspension”Test car,total20All test cars are in place。
For confidentiality,Every car is dressed in a thick camouflage,Different from the camouflage method that everyone puts on the surface of the car body in 20 or 30 years,This20The car is draped thickly、It’s like a cotton curtain at the entrance of a northern store“quilt”,The steering wheel was directly replaced with a bare shape like a tractor,No other functions except steering and horn,There is also a thick camouflage on the center console。
Even if this is Detroit,It’s America’s Auto City,You can watch these test cars parked on the street,It also attracted the curious eyes of countless people:What are these cars for?
For ordinary people,The test car is like a beauty in an ancient deep palace,Usually rare to see。
“Hey,Mr,Can i bother?”Chen Geng, who personally led the team, wore a Chrysler overall,Stopped a man shopping with his wife and children、American man with a belly。
Facing the other party’s doubts and drinking vigilant eyes,Chen Geng pointed to the test car on the roadside and explained:“We are employees of Chrysler Automobiles,I don’t know if it is convenient for you to cooperate with us to do a small test?Ok,The whole process probably needs4Hours,of course,To compensate for your lost time,We will give you a value100Dollar Carrefour supermarket shopping voucher。”
Listen to Chen Geng’s need4Hours,The big man subconsciously refuses,Can hear Chen Geng next say that there is still100Yuan of supermarket shopping yuan,If the refusal was reached, the big man swallowed it back.:100Dollars,I can’t get a month’s salary800USD,the most important is,This is a shopping voucher,No tax。
Dahan’s wife is also a little excited,Again,This is not taxable100USD。Exchanged glances with my husband,Wife nodding:“We can help,But you see,What you are wasting is our family’s time,So we need two shopping vouchers。”
“2Shopping vouchers?”Chen Geng hesitated deliberately before nodding:“no problem,But you and your husband must participate in this test……”
Facing the doubtful eyes of the two,Chen Geng quickly explained the content of the test that they need to do:“The content of the test is very simple,Just drive,We have designed two suspension schemes,Just tell us which plan you prefer,If you have any suggestions for improvement, you can also tell us……of course,Finally, you need to fill out a form。”
Just drive!