Suddenly heard“Brother”This title,Chen Geng couldn’t help but startled:How long,Ding Haijun never called himself“Brother”Up,It must be at least three or four years old?
“thank you,”Ding Haijun’s voice trembles slightly:“Thank you for all this……DAnd the country and the people will never forget you。”
“Hi!What do you say,”Chen Geng is a little embarrassed:“I didn’t do anything,It’s not me who is willing to help,But the Soviet government……”
“Of course the Soviet government wants,But you have to thank,”Ding Haijun Road:“You donated500Ten thousandRMBreceived,The chief urged me specifically,Must representDAnd people in the disaster area、Thank you on behalf of the people of the whole country,Thank you for everything you have done for this country and nation。”
Yes,Chen Geng has donated to China500Ten thousandRMB,Don’t think500Ten thousandRMBRarely,To know,This is1987Year500Ten thousand。
If there is no precise concept yet,Let me give another example:From5month12Day to date,Mr. Fok Ying Tung, Hong Kong Island Chinese Chamber of Commerce、Hong Kong China Resources Company and Hua Xia Bank Group、China Merchants Group and Hong Kong Island residents have provided selfless assistance and donations to the disaster area of Daxinganling.140Million Hong Kong dollars,so many people、Such a big institution,Just donated in total140Million Hong Kong dollars,Among them is not only Fok Yingdong, the top three super-rich on Hong Kong Island,Including China Resources Group、HSBC Bank、A large number of state-owned enterprises in Hong Kong, including China Merchants Bank,Donation from Chen Geng alone,It’s theirs3.5Times。
From this perspective,Chen Geng’s500Really a lot,This500Wan is the largest donation received by the Chinese government so far,Lian Huaxia“Pro son”None of us donated so much。
Chen Geng’s polite way:“I have also made a lot of money in China over the years,Now that this country needs help,Whether it’s a Chinese or not,I have a reason to return this land。”
Ding Haijun twitched his nose vigorously:Since the reform and opening up,I don’t know how many foreign companies have made money in China,But whoever donated like Chen Geng500Ten thousand?Even Coca-Cola、General Electric、Boeing’s early reform and opening up、Even the international giants who did business with China Xia before the reform and opening up,How much did you donate one by one?Tens of thousands、Hundreds of thousands,Only a few hundred thousand,None of the millions。
There are some things that Ding Haijun can’t tell Chen Geng,But he knows,For example, Chen Geng donated this500Ten thousand、And after working hard to coordinate Soviet rescue forces to China for rescue,The old man spoke at a high-level meeting again,Made very severe criticisms of some previous phenomena,Point out:“Certain departments、Some comrades must correct some previous bad practices,Otherwise it will only chill our true friends、sad,And for our true friends,Make an exception、Take care of more,Even if necessary,I think it should be,Who thinks wrong,Let him come to me。”
With the old man’s words、This instruction,Ding Haijun no longer has any doubts about Chen Geng’s future in China(Although I have never doubted it before),But there was a problem that gave him a headache:My daughter will graduate soon……
First859chapter The world is disturbed
Although the Soviet Union will take the initiative to mention assistance to China for this fire in its next public speech,But the face of the second superpower in the Soviet world cannot be lost,The core content of course cannot be“We in the Soviet Union are ready to help China fight the fire,Are you ready for the Huaxia government??”,In fact,This public speech was originally planned,It is a summary of Gorbachev’s ruling process over the past two years,simply put,Just bragxImmediately speak across the country:
Comrades of the All-Soviet League,Take a look,In the past two years,The entire Soviet Union is under the wise leadership of my Gorbachev,xxxxHow much progress has been made、xxxxHow many breakthroughs have been made、xxxxHow how……and so,The Soviet Union asked me to be the general secretary of the CPSU,is correct,Is wise,Is inevitable,It is also a historical choice……
“We noticed our neighbor in the south:China’s ongoing fire,”The current bull is over,At the end,Comrade Gorbachev’s sonorous voice, accompanied by TV signals and radio waves, spread everywhere in the Soviet Union:“Although for some historical reasons,The great Soviet Union and our former allies:Huaxia is still in an abnormal diplomatic relationship,But in the face of disaster,The Soviet Union is willing to put aside previous differences,Send a capable rescue force to China,Assist the Chinese government in fighting this fire……”
In the distant Chinese capital,After listening to Gorbachev’s speech,Countless people breathed a sigh of relief:Chen Geng did not brag,He really moved the Soviet Union to help us put out the fire!
The head immediately patted the table:“get ready,I will speak in person for the next speech。”