Hit a hundred years,Actually cracking on the plane。

That is the real mountain river collapse,Sun and moon,Stars fall。
“and after。”
Su Han can’t help but ask。
http://www.yqzjyf.cn “later,Most of the gods are falling,And that madness also barely sealed,But we know that is not a long time.,One day sooner or later,Crazy Magic breaks through the seal。”
Huanglong Road is like a memories,“Later we five people,Resolutely determine the self-discolification,Repair from head,Explore higher realms,Only that,In order to really kill the madness。”
Toned,He smiled bitterly,“Do you know what the madness finally became??”
Everyone shook his head,Unknown。
“He became a huge monster,Have an unexpected tentacle,Can devour all life and energy during the world,The last battle,His body is not boundless,Both than the five-bedroom mountains have a large number of times,I don’t know how many worlds are destroyed by them.。”
Everyone is taking a cold air。
Both than the five-bedroom mountains have a large http://www.58fishing.cn number of times,Isn’t that you can cross??
Summer face is changed.。
He suddenly thought of the Jiwu Inner Hospital,Inheriting mystery ancient tree,Evolution Dark Dragon,Then seal the difference between the hetero-chaos。
The world of those different spaces,All is a scene of the end of the day,He sees a huge tentacle,Broken space,Snourish from the sky。
The last chaotic king is blinded,In fact, it is not true main point.。
That is a similar unicorn.,He is just accidentally falling into the heterogeneous space,After being eroded by the evil force,Can cause extremely terrible destruction。
Huanglong Road continues to open。
“We five people have broken repairs,Finally, create a pulse,but,Just at our most critical moment we are in a breakthrough,Seal madness in an all degree,It seems to have perceived our breath,Crazy breakthrough seal。”
“that time,In an emergency,Yinchuan’s first breakthrough,He is tailored to the road map,Entering the heterogeneous space and the madman launched a desperate battle。”
“Fighting a few days and nights,No one can imagine what is the fierce?,finally,Yanchuan suffered heavy,Be too false,Soon, I lost it.。”
“Qi Chuan’s talent talent does not have,In fact,On the road of practice,He is always more than one step,Also our leader,His fall,Let us four mourning confused。”
Huanglong Road is deeply sighing。
He shook his head,Regression,“The madness was dying by him.,Ten thousand tentacles are all erased,Only a fierce spirit escapes。”
He looked at the summer,“If Qikuan is not falling,It can really enter the highest,Tang map generation,Repeat heaven and earth……summer,You can inherit the clothes of Yanchuan under the chance of coincidence.,Be sure to cherish。”
Hear here,Summer is looking at nodded。
His heart is also blocked。
I didn’t expect it in ancient times.,There is still such a thrilling secret.。
The voice of Huanglong Road continues to come。
“later,We have been tracking the fierce spirit,But it’s too embarrassing.,Moreover, the universe is so broad,The plane is so much,We can’t do anything.,therefore,http://www.fuekang.cn There are many spatial planes in the universe,Have a disaster of the end of the world。”
“in,In addition to escaping the fierce spirit,Also in the fierce battle,Madman broken body,Falling in any plane,Evil, incomplete life,Xingfeng。”
“So we sent disciples,Take countless place,Search for residual crazy,But all findings have their own traces,Or send people to encircle,Or in the form of a projection,The method of the seal of the people,Seal the madness of the madness in the hetero。”