Because of a photo, South Station chose Hu Ge to star

Because of a photo, “South Station” chose Hu Ge to star
As the only Chinese film shortlisted for the main competition at the Cannes Film Festival this year, “Southern Station Gathering” (hereinafter referred to as “Southern Station”) starring Diao Yinan, Hu Ge, Gui Lunmei, Liao Fan, Wan QianWith great attention, director Quentin Tarantino expressed his love for it without hesitation.This is another masterpiece of director Diao Yinan following the Berlin Golden Bear Award film “Day Fireworks”, which incorporates more commercial elements on the basis of the director’s consistent artistic film aesthetic style, and is more intense and complex.The film will be released on December 6 at the National Academy Line.Sauna Night Network exclusively interviewed Li Li, the chief producer of “Southern Station”, to analyze the film’s casting, behind the scenes, and the “final guarantee” mode adopted by the film.Producers must first trust and understand the director After “Day Fireworks”, when director Diao Yinan accidentally saw a news about Li Li, both can be. This is the one that can give the director a breakthrough.More stories of ordinary audiences resonating emotionally, this is the prototype of “South Station”.Li Li said: “This story is actually a very simple thing. It’s more about no matter what kind of person, in the end, I have to return to emotions and return to the family. This is what I like.”Southern Railway Station” was launched in Wuhan on April 28, 2018, and was successful on September 30. After that, it has undergone nearly 7 months of post-production and has invested more than 100 million yuan.Since the film tells a story that happened around 2009, more than 80 scenes of the film have been processed.85% of the film is a night show, and the largest scene scheduling requires more than 3,000 group performances to be performed at the same time. In the sultry and rainy summer in the south, it is bound to create tiny ones for the shooting.The director Diao Yinan has always insisted on his smooth shooting style, which is a huge challenge for the producers.Li Li said: “All of Diao Yinan’s films are shot in the same direction. We have also discussed this. The shot is very good for the actor’s performance rhythm and emotional continuation. Their heartbeats follow the script, and the night scene is also him.The most personal part, of course, is definitely a challenge to the producer.We ourselves know good friends in our teens, we are very clear about his style and requirements, and trust his way of creation, so we chose this way without hesitation.”Actor Hu Ge’s performance career completely transformed the story of” Southern Station “, inspired by real news events, and triggered a story of a thief seeking redemption on the desperate road to escape.One day the director Diao Yinan brought a somewhat blurry picture to Li Li. At that time, Li Li did not recognize that person as Hu Ge, but said to Diao Yinan: This image and temperament is Zhou Zenong (the protagonist of the film).Later, producer Shen Yang immediately contacted Hu Ge, and Diao Yinan also flew to Shanghai with the script to communicate with Hu Ge.In order to complete this role, Hu Ge beyond practiced motorcycle riding, shooting, fighting, and also learned the Wuhan dialect. In the film, only dialect was used to communicate with the staff, completing the perfect transformation of Hu Ge’s acting career.The final presentation is a Hu Ge that the audience has never seen in front of the camera.Before this, Hu Ge was the perfect actor in the costume of the audience.For this casting, Li Li’s novel: “Our first reaction at the time was that he met this role.In the performance of this matter, only good actors and good directors can present works recognized by the audience.Whether it is the understanding of the characters or the cooperation with other actors, our whole crew is very satisfied with this performance of Hu Ge.”Financial guarantee for film and television companies requires standardized operation.” Southern Station “has a large investment volume and fine shooting. Therefore,” Film Guarantee System “was released into the production process. Li Li explained to reporters:” There is no standard for creativity, But production must have standards.At that time, it was decided to bring the very mature international guarantee system to China, and basically completed the localization transformation.The guarantee for the completion of the film starts from the preparation of the film. It evaluates the script, budget, shooting plan, service design, placement scene, etc., through the formulation and execution of a thorough and feasible plan, and a complete risk plan to ensure the smooth completion of the film.If there is some kind of filming delay, project overruns and other problems, they will get insurance companies’ claims and financial support.In this field, we have been doing it for six years, and have the ability to cover the entire process of film and television production.”As a link to finance under the industrial system, the completion guarantee has no restrictions on the type of film, and it can also sell copyright in advance. It is definitely an effective and reliable financing method for new directors.Li Li revealed that although the completion guarantee has just started in China in the past few years, the role of the completion guarantee will be more important in the winter environment of film and television where capital is increasingly hedging.Regardless of the type of dialogue, the most important sauna night network: how to balance the style of artistic films and market acceptance?Li Li: I think this is a balance issue and not a supplement.First of all, it is basically vague. How to define literary and artistic films, commercial films is the basic problem.Regardless of the definition, the first question is always good or bad.Each company may have a different view on how to integrate genre films.But we will not easily label.Now that Chinese movie audiences are becoming more and more mature, how to serve more audiences is the primary consideration for production companies.Sauna Night Network: Why do you value and want to make realistic alternative works?Li Li: Realism is completely connected with the changes of the times, so we always say that realism can be closely linked to emotions, emotions, and life.We now have a lot of breakthroughs in this movie.For example, “I am not the God of Medicine” and “You Young”, the commercial breakthrough is also common.We also hope to reach a consensus on emotion and value with more viewers in future works.Sauna, Ye Wang, Li Yan editor Xu Qiaoyang proofread Zhao Lin