Lin Yuna said:“alright,So be it today,I thought I could watch this hang up tonight。”

“Unexpectedly,We talked a lot as soon as we chat。”
This design draft is almost the same page before the meal.,Xiao Fan smiled and said:“Yes。But it’s okay,What we talked about is still useful, right??”
“At least we。Unified opinions on the construction of the library。Can’t waste too much money,And it also allows children to read,It’s worth it, right?。”
“We design the artwork,It’s not necessary to finish it tonight,And it’s absolutely impossible to finish it tonight。”
Lin Yoona laughed:“Of course not to finish,It’s already over nine o’clock now,I read it,I guess it will be all night。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“All night is absolutely impossible,How could I allow you all night?Let’s go,Wash and sleep。”
Two people reached an agreement to go upstairs to sleep together,Lin Yuner put the sketches,Followed Xiao Fanzi upstairs。
Both woke up early the next morning,I didn’t use the alarm clock to wake them up。They both woke up at the same time。
When Lin Yuner went downstairs,Xiao Fan is already sitting at the dining table watching the stock market on his phone,have not eat,I should be waiting for Lin Yoona。
After Lin Yuner got down, she told Xiao Fan:“Why did you get up so early today??And don’t call me when I get up。”
Xiao Fan said to her:“You got up early too,It’s not seven o’clock。”
“Maybe I feel that I am empty,I just woke up so early!”
Chapter Eighty Hundred and Twelve Video call
Xiao Fan smiled,To Lin Yoona:“Blame me,Ok,In this case,Tomorrow morning even if i wake up,I don’t get up。”
“I’ll lie next to you and stay with you?And wait for you to wake up,We get up together。”