The steaming instant noodles are in front of you,Xiangyang looked at Xiang Chen with tears,Make the latter confused。

“I remember I went to Osaka with you when I was young,We were eating instant noodles,You even poked half of the braised egg in the instant noodles and gave me……”
Xiangyang holding a fork,Voice fades,But the eyes have been staring at the ham sausage and braised egg in the bowl of Xiangchen instant noodles。
“Ah!woman,The world owes you a actor!”
Xiang Chen sneered at Xiangyang’s greedy behavior,But still put the ham and braised egg in the instant noodles into Xiangyang’s bowl。
The successful sun and the happy feast,Looking at Xiangyang’s eating phase,I just think this girl can’t get married!
“Oops!Isn’t this the young master of the Ling family?!Are you here again to study how to reclaim your own property through the empty glove white wolf??”
When Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang are busy filling their stomachs,A young man with sunglasses and stylish clothes and dyed yellow hair came to Ling Yun’s side,And pressed the shutdown button。
“Oops,I’m so sorry,But I did it on purpose!”
Young man takes off his sunglasses,A row of white teeth were exposed to Lingyun。
“Huang Zetao!”
Ling Yun stood up and punched directly,But the person named Huang Zetao,Punches faster than Lingyun。
Seeing being punched by Huang Zetao“Persuade”Lingyun,Network management is particularly nervous,Because all the mess is for him to clean up。This is happening in the store,As network management should be prevented,But seeing Huang Zetao’s famous brand,That webmaster still feels his identity,More appropriate to clean up the mess。
“Master Ling,You are no longer in the Ling Group,I, Huang Zetao, was indeed your dog,But now our position has changed!And I told you last time,It’s not that your punching speed is slow,It’s just that I always punch faster than you,I used to tease you!”
Huang Zetao made no secret of his voice,Looking condescendingly at Ling Yun,The corners of the raised mouth have indescribable arrogance。What about Huang Zetao who is rumored to be a dog??When the disaster is imminent,Dogs can change owners,Then there is still meat to eat!
Ling Yun clenched his fists tightly,The violently undulating rib cage gradually returned to peace。Huang Zetao after leaving himself,The wind is still mixed,And I’m just a wasteful waste,Even inviting people to dinner can only be instant noodles in internet cafes。
Thinking about instant noodles,Ling Yun subconsciously glanced at Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang beside him。
Xiang Chen was still lowering his head and eating instant noodles silently,And Xiangyang, who had eaten the braised eggs and ham, stood up,Looking at Huang Zetao,But he told Ling Yun。
“Eat what you bought,I will introduce myself again,My name is Xiangyang。”