First1474chapter Saved by the enemy
Wang Guilan’s 35-year-old age,Plus she stayed in the store for many years,Maybe some maintenance,So her skin is not only fair,And moist and smooth,It’s really hard to find a fold on the face。
When Wang Youcai saw her,I can’t turn my eyes。I didn’t expect this woman to be generous,When he called her, she went into the courtyard。Now the door is closed,Isn’t it a sheep into a tiger’s mouth?。
“Hi!I want to ask you something?Why are you here?I go in and out of this alley every day,Why haven’t seen you”Wang Guilan smiled,Eyes are not free,But look around。
Wang Youcai can’t help it anymore,Rushed over,Hugged Wang Guilan and took a bit closer。Wang Guilan was a little surprised and hurriedly avoided,She pretended to be angry and said:“Why are you like this?If this is seen,Why do you tell me to stay here?”
“Watch a fart,The door is locked,Only you and me in this yard”Wang Youcai pulled Wang Guilan into Xu Lihong’s house a little impatiently。
Xu Lihong’s house is not big,It’s like the bedroom and the living room are connected together。As soon as Wang Guilan walked in,Both eyes fixed on the hanger beside the bed。
Wang Youcai only found out,It turned out that Xu Lihong’s sexy underwear was hung on her clothes.,One piece red,One piece white,And what kind of lace。
“Damn!stop looking,You have this thing too“Wang Youcai said,I walked gently behind Wang Guilan,
Wang Guilan smiled and said:“Boss Wang!Stop like this。My husband is back,If he found out,Everyone has a hard time,The previous things were taken away by the wind“
“it is good!Then I ask you,Why did you transfer the firm to someone else?“Wang Youcai saw what Wang Guilan said,He is not too strong,After all, he can’t bring any benefits to Wang Guilan now。
Wang Guilan took a long breath and said:“When you are,Supported by you。But what happened to you,My firm is a bit unable to survive,Watching daily losses,It’s better to transfer it to someone earlier“
“What are you doing now?“Wang Youcai couldn’t help asking such a sentence。After all, this woman once brought him happiness。
Wang Guilan didn’t take Wang Youcai’s words,But smiled and said:“You disappeared all at once,Someone said you ran away,Someone said you went in again,No matter what,You have to tell us“Listen to Wang Guilan’s tone,She’s still a little angry。