I have to pay attention to it here,It is the night of nature,It is already enough to match the flexural pressure of the captain。

And if the http://www.tal-intal.cnnight is burning,Even,His spiritual pressure,An explosive increase will be performed again。
“Don’t mess,Movement。”
It seems that because of the spiritual pressure of a protective,Refined to near“none”After the state,That is only true to the door.。
A black worm hole suddenly appears in the homes of the well,One with a human face,First, I’m exploring the hair.,Directly dragging the tail like a python,Looking for the location of the Wiwiji。
And see the moment,A guard immediately pulled down the headband,Pulling out the big machete。
And that is ambush,A turn of walking before I want to diamond。
But someone is faster than him.,Night stood up,Start the speed of the speed in your mouth。
“God’s proud,Railway city wall,Dragon row,Lion,Tiger,Wolf,Truncate the world before collapse
Baddy Eighty-one break!”
A transparent protective cover suddenly appeared,And block the entrance of the wormhole,That only hits it directly。
Next night, I will enter the watch mode.,This virtual only has this ability.,At least the strength is not a protective opponent。
Night, I don’t want to grab the experience package of Takasaki.,If he can’t develop,The future blue dye will rely on him to pick it up.。
I can’t escape.,At this time, I also entered the crazy mode.,I started raging in the house.。
Unfortunately it is not the protagonist,No protagonist,Bay increased output,All the way is hanging,There are more scars on your body.。
Struggle,I found out,Neglinking on the corner of the well。
As the will of the Woven Jig brother residual,Early before it is over,Now it only wants to do well on the well,Even gave up the Kurosaki protected behind the chasing it。
Huge snake tail sweeps on the wall of the wall,Furniture and walls along the way,Both were taken by the tail of the snake。
Can imagine,Such a hit,If you are playing on the well of ordinary humans,What consequence will there??
Kurosaki is an urgency,But why, this is willing to go to the big machete.,I don’t want to take care of him.。
Looking at the giant tail is about to open the waist to yourself.,Well, weaving, couldn’t help but close your eyes,Shout“elder brother”!
The well on the well is trying to call the only consciousness of my brother.,Unfortunately, her brother has already been completely engraved.。
A huge sound,Rowning next to the ear of the well,She did not feel her pain,Can’t open his eyes。
That is a back of the green horsetail,It’s like a tower.,Directly blocked in the well。
And the broken snake tail,At this time, I was killed by the night.,Let’s take your hard to collect the tail,Also fundamentally hard。
“I can’t move this little girl.,After all, I just guaranteed with her.,Will let her find their brother。”
The left hand is dead and the tail,Night slowly lifted his right hand,Escaped lightning lights to start jumping。
A white thunder,It’s like an arrow,Out from the index finger from the night,Cave wear the virtual head,Roof,Directly moved to the horizon
And the virtual head,After the white thunder,Form a high-temperature burning big hole,Huge body is also ambiguous in inch。
Kurosaki is depressed, watching the giant sickle in his hand.,Hold him for a long time,No one is struggling。
http://www.aicq99.cn 4th ghosts who abandoned,Have this power,Night big brother’s spiritual pressure,How exaggerated。”
Lucia looked at the white thunder that disappeared on the horizon,囔囔 囔囔 囔囔。
Chapter 234 Weave Ji to Night House!
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Different in Kurosaki with 头,Lucia is why the white thunder,See more。
Death is outside the cutter,In addition, the way of attack is“Ghost”。
Among them, the ghosts are divided into three types.: