Dellaze supply chain with place of place

The agricultural circulation is more, the supply chain is long, the product is difficult, and both have reduced the profit of farmers, but also increase the burden of consumers, has always been a major factor in restricting rural residence.

Therefore, promotion of the production of origin mode, building, and improving the modern circulation system of agricultural products, achieving precision docking of production and sales, is of great significance for establishing long-term stable new agricultural relations. Integrate the agricultural supply chain on a basis. The supply chain of agricultural products includes harvesting, grading, packaging, pretreatment, warehousing, transportation, distribution, and after-sales.

Origin is an important infrastructure of agricultural supply chains, and it is also a short board at this stage. To integrate the supply chain, it is necessary to carry out the construction of cold-chain logistics infrastructure such as agricultural products, realize the direct distribution of origin, farmer’s interconnection, and county common match.

Shorten the agricultural supply chain with logistics. Using the Original Cang + Express Logistics Distribution Network, realize agricultural products from the origin to consumers, can shorten the intermediate circulation links, reshape the supply chain between agricultural products and consumers, can create better, faster shopping for consumers Experience, more increased origin prices, and benefit farmers. Use innovative to drive agricultural supply chains.

To achieve rural residence, not only let farmers sell agricultural products, but also make agricultural products have a good species, choose good, sell well, this requires innovative driving agricultural supply chain. The focus is to harvest the product harvesting, grading and pretreatment of good-owned land, and use standardization to lead the brand innovation of agricultural products.

Secondly, the use of digitization leads the production of agricultural circulation mode innovation, and will also realize the transformation and upgrading of agricultural development.

(The author is the vice president of China Warehousing and Distribution Association, the reporter Li Xinping is organized).