50 village-level convenience service demonstration stations in Yinjiang, "exctest"

Recently, the facilities and equipment of the computer, printers, high-shot, etc. of the 50 village-level convenience service demonstration stations, and the village-level convenience service demonstration station increased "Exquisite", service Give more powerful. It is understood that Yinjiang extends the government service to the village and realizes "small matter does not go out, big events can not exceed the village", village-level convenient service, accompanying service full coverage. Last year, the 50th village-level convenience service demonstration station was launched and upgraded and upgraded and completed this year. A total of 500,000 yuan was investigated, all funds were from the help of Central Coal Group.

In recent years, Industrial Yugong gradually improved the construction of the village-level site in Guizhou Province, and vigorously enhanced the capacity of village-level convenience service.

In order to make a guide, accurate and popular as principles, we have prepared more than 100 guidelines for the village-level convenience service, and strive to make the people understand, one asks, and learn. The masses are more convenient, accurate and fast.

At the same time, advocate the first secretary of the village and the village cadres, and the guidance of helping the assistant, village cadres and help the masses to handle social security, cooperative medical care.

Actively carried out an accompanied service and send the service to the door.

Strive to build a bush life service circle, actively explore the "one stop" of the village-level convenience service station facilities, and further enhance one-stop convenience service capability.

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