Dadukou: Minsheng practical brewed sweet colorful life

Dadukou Park. Dadukou District Rong Media Center for Figure People’s Network Chongqing December 6th, 2021, Dadukou hoof, development of high-quality development, the extremely important year, surrounded by the city of humanities, the construction of the Yangtze River Culture Art Bay Area, grab Shuangcheng Economic Reircle, the city’s "one district", "one district", the coordinated development and other major opportunities, Dadukou District pays close attention to the implementation of work, the new levels of the various undertakings, and lay a solid foundation for the "14th Five-Year" high quality development. The Yangtze River Culture Art Bay Area has been built, successfully held a fishing mouth music forum, launched a series of music seasons, system promotes the music avenue, heavy steel cliffs, mountain roads, etc., Baowu Southwest Headquarters project completes conceptual design plan; industrial transformation The upgrade has initially appeared, and the large-health biomedical industry has nearly 10 billion yuan, and the second phase of Haikang Weijing has been built. Chongqing Municipal Floor Industrial Park introduces more than 20 enterprises, and the service industry is over 50%; The key projects continue to force high-speed advancement, Baiju Temple Yangtze River Bridge successfully, the completion of the Dragon, Jinjiawan, and the "Chongqing International Municipal Planning Center Project Planning Concept Program" adopted a number of special districts such as Shangcai and other special districts; The people’s livelihood flowers bloom the grassroots release dividend. The number of people in the public garden accounts for 50%, and the preferential rate of 93%, Jiancheng City Terminal, and 8 of the old community renovation projects, and more than 10,000 people have added more than 10,000 people. In 2021, the district closed his livelihood well-being, focusing on safe and stable, optimized and improved transportation, but citizens not only "go" better. " At the same time, the original cultural works have won the national prizes in the country, and the masses enjoy a spiritual cultural dinner. The service will be "one-on-one" to visit the company to solve the problem … These still have a body temperature and the people’s livelihood, the people’s livelihood is quietly changed. The lives of the masses. In 2022, the Dadukou District will adhere to high-quality high-quality and strive to build "Park Dadukou Colorful Art Bay"; cultivate big data intelligent, large health biomedicine, ecological environmental protection, new materials, Chongqing face "five hundred billion" industries Cluster … With the moving melody of urban development, Dadukou is struggling to press the "fast forward button", run out "acceleration", promote high quality development, and create high quality life.

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