“what!”Ye Mei was surprised,Hurriedly stuffed it into Hua Zai’s hands,I feel my hairs are going to stand up。

See her reaction,Hu Yang smiled:“In fact,Many cultural relics have been buried,So you don’t have to be so surprised。”
How can it not be horrified?Buried and stuffed directly into the mouth of the dead,Can it be the same?
Hua Tsai has no such scruples,I have seen too much,I’ve seen Wenwan made with dead human bones,This kind of jade is nothing。
“Hu Ge,How much is it worth?”Hua Zi asked。
“The value of Jade Cong is generally higher,Although this is not the most classic Han Dynasty jade cicada,But it’s also worth some money,You give her thirty thousand!I will definitely earn a little。”
I heard what Brother Hu said,Huazi did not hesitate,Put Yu Xing in your bag,And then transferred 30,000 yuan to Ye Mei。
Everyone thinks it’s kind of funny,Ma still wanted to cheat people just now,I didn’t expect to pit myself in。
Just now,Many people searched for information about this person,I found that many evaluations say that he is a legend,Low-key,Not greedy for money, love for name, etc.。
But this evaluation,Obviously flawed,People who go to TV shows,You said he is low-key and doesn’t love fame?It’s not justified?
In fact,Everyone had a good impression of him at first,Knowledgeable、Can talk and so on。however,National Treasure Auction Incident, etc.,So many people have commented on it。
National treasure was auctioned,Although the country did not explicitly support the collector’s dishonesty,But it’s still a default。But this person also came out to sing the opposite。
After all,Or profit,Let him speak like that。
Ma himself made antiques,Some collectibles will often be auctioned,What he hopes is definitely a good auction environment。If one day,His collection,Being bid but not paying,Definitely not agree。
and so,From the perspective of his interests,He doesn’t support that behavior。
Of course,He speaks in awe,People can’t find any reason to spray to death。Everyone keeps saying,This damages the country’s reputation,The fact is indeed the case。
“Forget it,These so-called experts,There is no word that can be believed。”
“indeed,Tell the truth,Wenwan antiques are so valuable now,These experts and collectors are not waiting?They are speculators in the antique market,All for making money。”
“Just,Watched those appraising shows,Those experts are dragging like something。Always advise others to hand in the country for free,How many treasures they have collected?I didn’t see them hand in,Impressed。”
“Hear the word expert,I feel like vomiting。”