Hui doesn’t like the darkness without light,But she didn’t turn on the light,But standing by the window,Look down。

She feels that there must be an end。
The decline in the last exam has made her unacceptable,But she believes that she can adjust her state。
but,There is a clear gap between reality and imagination。
Sometimes when I pass by butterfly and fish,When the eyes meet intentionally or unintentionally,What Hui saw seemed to be provocative,ridicule,If there are others beside,She felt that those people’s eyes were also mocking。
It seems to be laughing at her Huang Hui:Big sister in school,A poor woman who was robbed of her boyfriend by a butterfly。And the subtext is like saying,She Huang Hui is not as good as a butterfly。
but,Huicong didn’t compare herself to Butterfly!The only attraction of butterflies is lust!On character,Do things,Grades,figure,appearance……Uh,She has healthy skin,The audience is not that wide!Besides,What does Butterfly compare to her??
Hui believes that Chen Wenjin is just using the butterfly to fight her,But sometimes I think,Men always think about those things,Was it just attracted by the shameless butterfly??
but,Chen Wenjin shouldn’t be that kind of person……
but,Related to that aspect,Men should be the same?
Entanglements and contradictions,And there is no way to calm down the pressured reality as expected,All these have kept Hui in a state of entanglement。
Wait until Hui feels that the adjustment is almost done,Decline in the second monthly exam,Gave her another heavy blow!
She obviously worked very hard,As a result, the second monthly exam almost fell out of the 50th grade.!
Forty-ninth——It seems to be warning her,If you continue, there will be no chance of being admitted to Pengzhong by strength!