Such a process should be the data being recognized、The process of discovering and concealing the truth after being stolen,The context is actually very clear,The person who steals the data should be very familiar with the content of the data record,There are even some mysteries that are not known to outsiders,This seems to be irrelevant to Zhang Zhiqiang’s life experience and Zhang’s secrets under investigation.,But neither of these two things can get rid of the key point of Zhang’s Ancestral Hall。

Information from Zhang Family Ancestral Hall,Could it be that a descendant of the Zhang family who knew the secret stole the information back with this disgraceful method??This is the most logical explanation so far,So who is this Zhang family descendant??Is it Zhang Zhiqiang??What does the missing Director Zhang have to do with this incident??
Several questions came to mind,Hu Dehai instantly felt that things became very clear,If Zhang Zhiqiang is the one who steals the information,Things will be very simple,The only thing that needs to be discovered is what important secrets are hidden in the data。
Lao Hu suddenly got excited,I repeated the key points,I think there is nothing wrong with the main logic,I suddenly thought if I would leave in the future‘Ranger’,It’s not bad to be a detective after retiring。
But the conversation with Director Liu did not go well,He doesn’t even know as much as Zhang Qiujin,This person looks like an official oil,Everywhere,Various slogans,A lot of nonsense,Just not a few words useful,The only gain is that Hu Dehai used the name of the research project team to get a roster of in-service personnel,But I was disappointed when I came back,Li Huimin is not in the roster,I’m afraid it’s retired or transferred。
Chronologically,County Archives was established in early June 2,In 1963 received a batch of materials handed over from the township,Very diverse,From party history、Military history、Local History,To administrative history、Land statistics,Including hydrology、geography、Population etc.,Archives are divided into categories,Have selectively accepted a large number of,Transfer to the County Cultural Bureau、A batch of libraries,Returned to the village。
At that time, the first curator Xu Xuezhi was responsible for accepting the centralized transfer.,Since then, there has been no such large-scale handover,The archives established a computer room in 1995,Start digital management of archives,In other words, the earliest time that the lost files were entered into the index database was after 1995,Li Huimin was one of the entry staff at the time,More than 20 years have passed since 1995,Several personnel changes,It’s not difficult to search this person,But I have to be quiet,To avoid pertinence, you must study the level。
Cao Yang circumscribed through friends and asked acquaintances in the organization department for help ,Li Huimin was found in the County Archives Bureau,Retired for several years,The ancestral home is in Xiaozhai Township, this county。
There are two Li Huimin in Xiaozhai Township?I’m afraid this probability is too small,Small is almost impossible,Hoodhai suddenly came to the spirit,Immediately fight with Cao Yang to Xiaozhai Township,The results that can be visited make the two dumbfounded,There are actually two Li Huimin with exactly the same name,About the same age,One of them talked with Hu Dehai for a while,It’s Mr. Wang’s daughter-in-law,This person knows nothing about file work,But know the right and wrong in the village,Very talkative,It’s endless,The two of them were completely confused,Let’s find another Li Huimin who worked in the county archives bureau,I went abroad to help take my grandson,The clue is also interrupted by this。
Quan Xingguo and Tao Meng on the other road are not going well,They disguised themselves as merchants buying mountain products and lived in a small hotel in the east of Funiu Town.,Choose to stay here,One is no choice,The second is close to the Zhang Family Ancestral Hall,On the second floor, you can overlook the activities inside the ancestral hall,It’s a pity that the afternoon of the first check-in,The ancestral hall brought a lot of construction materials,At night, workers were stationed,It looks like the Zhang family is going to repair the ancestral hall。
“How could it be so coincidental?”Tao Meng was annoyed,This start time,It’s as if the Zhang family has determined that they are biting。
“Don’t worry,See if they are real repairs or fake repairs,If there is no movement within two days,Let’s take a potion of slapped inside and out。”Quan Xingguo remembered the scene when the hostages were rescued in the East Guangdong Industrial Park,Big deal, visit the ancestral hall again at night。
“Then you stare at Zhang Jiugen,I sneaked into the ancestral hall,Do not believe there is no gain。”