His realm has fallen,But he has a feeling,I only need to practice slightly.,I can break through at any time.。

He is also very clear,After each life and death,It is also the best time to break through。
He turned to the Dwarf。
Soon arriving,I have become a ruin in front of you.。
Follow the members of the ancient martial arts and hidden family,I have already hilarious.。
“Wait until Laozi is hurt,One, one to find you!”
Summer eyes Ling Sen,Subsequently quietly。
After a moment,Footsteps sound。
Chu Shanhe slowly came out from the dark。
He is still with armor mask。
Looking at him in summer,And he is also in the summer。
Half half,Chu Shanhe said,“Your current state is very precious,Restably,Prepare breakthrough。”
Toned,Also,“Your bloody friend,I have arranged people to take away.,She is not dangerous,Rest assured。”
http://www.haijs.cn Narrate。
Summer complex,Zhang Zhangzhu,But I don’t know what to say.。
Chuhe Mountain is reluctant,“Don’t waste this opportunity,I have cultivated a decades of more than a dozen years.。”
Chu Shanhe sighs,“They are very special,Have a lot of incredible ability,But only one time,Will death after once,Rest assured,Defective,Will not leave any hidden dangers,You are calm down,It will be found,It’s possible to force it.。”
Merely,He quickly accelerated,“Tighten the cultivation now.,I will protect the law for you.。”
Summary nodded silently,Wink a circle。
This place has become a ruin,Good at the grave of the master,Not damaged。
He slowly walked over,Sitting in front of the grave,Double-eyed,Start recall itself。
……Another side。
When the Jun is rushing to attack the mountain。
http://www.lanjunboxian.cn His strength,Naturally, I also heard the various sounds from all sides.。
Someone is angered,More, the sword collision is shouting。
Chu Shanhe did not lie to him。
All the backup,Be directed。
“Ah……”The Junlun Radle,All the body is blood。
He is like a hurt beast,Flashing in your eyes,Then I sent an angry snoring。
Be too frightened。
Alliance of the Tang Guardian Alliance,Not only the first master of Huaxia,It is even more than a long time.,It’s so thoroughly。
For him,Tonight is too big.。