Accelerate the building of international green financial hub

Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Gong Zheng hosted the executive meeting of the municipal government yesterday, emphasizing the development of Shanghai green low-carbon circular economy development in accordance with the deployment of the municipal party committee, accelerating the building of international green financial hubs, and in depth, the statistical reform.

The principle of the meeting agreed to the green low-carbon cycle development economic system related documents and pointed out that Shanghai as a dragon soldier and the forerunner, to resolutely implement the new development concept, firmly moved into the green development, keep the ecological bottom line, guard the "green mountains".

Green low-carbon circulation development is a complete system, production, circulation, consumption to be in turn, closely connect, smooth circulation, infrastructure upgrade, policy guarantee, etc. should be strong. It is necessary to actively cultivate the main body of green technological innovation, optimize innovation, and fully release "green" productivity, give full play to the support of technological innovation in green development. The principle of the meeting agreed "Shanghai accelerated the implementation of the international green financial hub service carbon Damu carbon neutralization" and pointed out that the main line of the service "double carbon" target, promoting and guiding social capital gradually from traditional high energy consumption, High-polluting industries flow to low-carbon economics, focus, energy, consumption, etc.

To play key advantages, accelerate the introduction of a group of professional organizations, accelerate the promotion of national green funds to play investment and financing, and strive to build a world-class green financial center.

To grab key opportunities, the top level of the international, in terms of talents, policies, environment, etc., continue to force, and help Shanghai International Financial Center to open a new bureau and build new work. The principle of the meeting agreed to the "Shanghai Statistical Modernization Reform Implementation Plan" and pointed out that accurate identity, scientific strain, active changes, and in-depth promotion of statistical reform. To innovate, deepen digital technology such as big data, artificial intelligence in statistical work, optimize the statistical monitoring of new models such as economic, digital economy, flexible employment and other economic and social development. To take the initiative first, more fully objectively accurately reflect the new characteristics of Shanghai and the national economic and social development, and better serve the national reform and development overall situation.

The meeting also studied other matters. (Reporter Meng Shunshu) (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.